Happy Halloween! Snow White cosplay at DisneyWorld

Hello there and Happy Halloween!! I wanted to start this post a bit earlier today but blogger was being a butt apparently, anyhow its still the early evening of October 31st here in Minnesota so the best holiday besides Christmas has not yet come XD Lots of people are going to parties, costume contests or trick or treating but I plan on just staying in and relaxing. That's because I celebrated Halloween on Sunday when I went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party again.

This year I was Snow White, as you may have guessed from the title haha! My mom went as the Evil Queen. For my costume I wanted to make it more like the movie and less like the the face characters' costumes, basically Disney makes the face character Snow White's dress a bit different from the movie to be more eye catching I guess haha. So...well, here's some pictures!

My headshot as Snow White

Me and my Mom. She made the costumes, and I did the makeup, accessories and wig

Had to meet Merida this year of course!

I think these costumes came out more authentic than last year when I went as Sleeping Beauty, and my wig was right too! We certainly got more attention, many people were taking "sneaky" (not really sneaky at all) shots of us as we walked by, and waved at us and wanted to be in a picture with us. It was not just little girls who gave me alot of attention, strangely old men liked Snow White alot too XO

With the real Evil Queen

And Snow White and her Prince

I liked how me and the Mad Hatter looked disturbed by the Queen haha

There were lots and lots of people in costume, it's fun because it's not just children dressed up and families often have some sort of matching costumes. I saw lots of nice ones this year, especially a girl dressed as Cinderella had a great dress, here's a couple of other party goers:

Lovely Cinderella and Esmerelda

A friendly Sally and Jack!

Super cute Ugly Step Sister costumes!

It feels a bit strange doing all the celebrating for Halloween a couple days beforehand and not having anything to do tonight, but it's nice to have something to do for Halloween besides watch the Trick or Treaters coming to the door. (I'd also like to watch RuPaul's Drag Race tonight hehe!) I hope everyone else is having a great holiday, or had a Happy Halloween!
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