Some western shop PICKS and back in USA haul

Good day again! Yesterday was busy, so I didn't get a chance to blog before I got too tired and had to sleep. I was/am feeling a bit sick, which made it so I didn't accomplish as much as I had planned on. I have way too much to do before I have to go back to Disneyworld on Wednesday. Style a wig, make lens reviews, take Halloween photos, make outfits, finish costume things, get some things sold, rake the freakin' leaves off the lawn, pack...

Being real I know the outfits and lens reviews are going to be pushed back until I get back from Florida... I feel so bad! I want to make those reviews and prepare a makeup tutorial as I go along. Well maybe some day T___T

It may be Halloween influencing me (although all the shops are pushing the Halloween items out with sales and replacing them with the Christmas items already...) but my taste in fashion is going very much into the gurokawa/creepy cute vein! Japanese gurokawa and western creepy cute have different esthetics, so I'd like to bring them together with girly rock style and just have some fun with fashion!

So, here are some things I found in western shops that I love and are great for this style!

Yeah, those are my carefully chosen clothing picks, everything is available in the west which is exciting as its much easier on the wallet haha! For some Japanese styles finding good equivalents in the west is difficult, luckily (or unluckily XD) I can find some cute things. The difficult thing is finding large cute cardigans tho!

To finish up this little post I want to share a couple things I have gotten since I returned from Japan. Yeah have to get to shopping right away huh? haha. Well some are birthday gifts I couldn't open until I got home so that was exciting!

White creepers, dang you can tell how long my feet are by this pic!

Kreepsville666 devil horns in black and pink

Forever21 cross printed cardigan

Forever21 teal leopard print shirt

Red crop pants and purple skinny jeans

Mojo Moxy black maryjane high heels

Ok, that's enough of clothings and things for today. I'd better head out and get going on some of the chores I have to do. Rather than just looking at clothing pieces all day, I will hopefully put together some outfits!
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