Photo tour through Akiba Yodobashi!

Good morning everyone! Ha, it's 11:00 so I can still say good morning hehe! I have been waking up early lately so I can get several things done before it gets to be noon, unfortunately that's mostly been playing games online this week ^^;; But it's high time to blog again since I've been good and edited a few photos! I also have some Want List collages to share, but gotta break up the materialism a bit XD

Today's photos come from September 22 during Japan Trip 9, on that day I visited Akihabara. I felt like taking some photos of nerdy things and my friend wanted to pick up head phones so that worked out nicely! I'm going to break Akihabara into two posts, so let's see Yodobashi first!

We arrive via the Iwamotocho station so we see Yodobashi looming for awhile XD

 Using a map to navigate through this big store? hehe XD

Shop staff with flatscreens. Their uniforms are kinda grandpa-ish XD

I noticed the flatscreen TVs prices have gone down recently, maybe I'll get one when I move to Japan (but I'll need cable too, otherwise there's no point)

Yodobashi Camera is a electronics department store, the Akihabara location has 6 floors all filled with gadgets and gizmos you may or may not have known you needed XD The electronics range from the usual computers and accesories, televisions, kitchen appliances both large and small, gaming items and of course cameras!

The Kyary collab earphones, man I wanted some just because of Kyary. Their collab was working on me!

Friendly banana earphones ^^/

Miku was on the escalators promoting a new PSP game

This large department store of nerdy goodness attracts alot of customers and tourists because it gathers so many electronic items into one easy to reach location, it's right next to Akihabara station. It also feel quite "safe" for tourists as it has the typical department store feel and layout, unlike the cramped otaku warrens lined up around Akiba. I think Yodobashi is tax-free too, so you can save a bit picking up your "weird Japan" souvenirs!

I don't know what any of this is... I left my otaku roots behind awhile ago :[
 Cute stacking games

Rilakkuma Re-ment toys display

 Some wallscrolls and boxed figures

One thing I particularly like about Yodobashi is the Toy floor, which is combined with video gaming things. Most of the toys aren't electronic but they seem to fit somehow. There are many otaku goods, related to anime, manga, but there are also regular children's toys. They also have a large gallery of gachapon (though its smaller then before). I think I should have spent more on gachapon rather than UFO, atleast I'd have things to show for my money haha!

Every type of gachapon you could possibly want!

I wish I'd have gotten one of these Halloween version Choppers tho

 Ok, this mushroom character is EVERYWHERE in Tokyo right now

Though I think Yodobashi is not particularly unique amongst all the things in Akihabara, you can easily find any sort of electronic thing you may need to pick up. And it's a really great place to check for nerdy things if you are pressed for time while touring Akiba, no need to go into many different small otaku shops I mean.

I skipped over a few days writing this post, oops haha! So I'll back to the earlier days in September after this post and finish about Akihabara later on. It's more fun to have some space between the same sort of topics though! It feels so strange to be back in the USA now, webcamming with my friend rather than seeing him face to face everyday. I get reminded of it every time I look at my photos!
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