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Hi there! I won't lie, I have been putting blogging off because I haven't been able to take the photos I wanted for a new coordinate post. My weight is just too unstable, but I will try my best to get it under control and get some new outfits put together next weekend. So today I will blog about some clothes of a different sort - used clothing that can be found right in Harajuku!

I personally have been into thrift shopping for some time, though it was only this past year that I started checking out the clothing sections of my local thrift shops. I've been lucky enough to find some really nice name brand pieces, mostly work wear though, while spending only a bit of money. So I thought, why not check out some used clothing in Japan!

One of the well known used clothing shops is Closet Child, which carries used lolita, gothic and Japanese punk used clothing. It's a great stop for many people interested in Harajuku fashion. But those styles are not the only ones to be found in Harajuku, on the other end of the spectrum there is the broad street fashion, cult party, and used mixed fashions etc.

When you see this view you have arrived in front of Kinji

You can't miss the orange store front

For these other styles one place to bulk up your wardrobe for cheap is Kinji! It's a very large shop, especially for a used shop. The floor space is divided between men's and women's and then subdivided into different styles so you can easily find items to suit your taste.

You can see the sign that marks this aisle as "Punk"

You can find plaid shirts, jeans and simple cardigans and you can also find sheer long nighties or black ruffly skirts. But I would say a large bulk of the clothing at Kinji is of the type most people imagine when you say thrift store or Goodwill - those crazy 80s and early 90 clothing of questionable taste, exaggerated cuts and loud patterns.

For me too much of the clothing at Kinji was of the above mentioned type, the type of clothing that languishes untouched on the racks at Goodwill for weeks even priced at 2$. So I could scarce imagine myself spending 2,500 yen (average price for tops), but if you follow that type of street style with no access to Goodwill here then Kinji will be your boon!

I also enjoyed the items grouped together for cult party kei and other similar styles. A whole host of sheer full-length nighties and robes, more than I have ever seen gathered in one place.  I also enjoy reading Manapyon's blog, who is a staff at Kinji! She shows some really cute outfits made of items you can buy at Kinji^^

You may have no interest in the styles you can find at Kinji, but I think it's a great stop when you are touring Harajuku to see that other side besides Takeshita and LaForet. It's located on the same street as LaForet and F21 but on the opposite side. As you walk towards Takeshita's directions keep your eyes up for the "Kinji" sign, it's located in the basement so you have to take stairs down.

YM Square Harajuku B1F
4-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0001
Official Website

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