* Sponsor Review * Fynale J14 Cloud Nine in Brown

Good evening again! Today was a very uneventful day which gave me a chance to get some hobby and blog things done, though I really could have managed my time a bit better. At least I can finally get this lens review up, I am too embarrassed to say when I actually received the lenses because it shows my laziness. However, despite the wait I hope you enjoy seeing some new lenses!

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Natural light


So I received these lenses from Shoppingholics for review purposes, and when they notified me they are brown colored I was a nervous. I have seen alot of brown lenses that just don't look right on light eyes. I guess it's too much of a difference to blend properly. A lot of times if the brown is a light brown like the Fynale J14 Cloud Nine it turns out looking yellow.

But I was happy to find these lenses didn't look too strange on my light eyes, they aren't yellow but more a hazel type color. Up close and with the flash they look more unnatural but when I looked at myself in the mirror in lamplight I didn't feel anything weird about wearing these lenses. Of course I know they would look best on brown eyes.

I think because of the way these lenses blend with my light eyes, or perhaps of my eyeball shape I found these lenses to sit oddly. I mean I often looked slightly lazy eyed in the photos. I am curious if that is just due to the blending, but it is something to take note of when purchasing.

Furthermore to be completely honest I found these lenses to be the most drying and irritating lenses I have worn in some time. Their water content is 38% but I've had other lenses with the same content that weren't irritating. I have worn other Fynale brand lenses and they haven't given me such irritation. I couldn't wear these very long, about 4 hours. Make sure to keep eyedrops in your pocket when wearing these!

Quick Review:
Enlargement: ★★★★
Comfort: ★★
Color: ★★★

See! I think this color doesn't look too weird on my eyes, and it looks quite nice with blond hair. With these lenses I can really change my look XD

I want to state once more how completely satisfied and how much I enjoy transactions with Shoppingholics! Their service is top-notch, above and beyond, they try really hard to consider the tastes of their customers and it shows. Take a look around Shoppingholics.com for these lenses, hundreds more and all the greatest beauty products!

Please check out Shoppingholics! I would never shop anywhere else XD
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