*Sponsor Review* Princess Pinky Eclipse Series in grey

You have probably seen several reviews for these lenses by now as Pinky Paradise did a wide sponsorship of their affliates with these. And indeed they are very lovely lenses and I'm glad I got the chance to try them out. Hopefully you'll enjoy my review as well, even though it's a bit behind everyone elses haha. With my schedule it's hard to coordinate free time with day light haha! Maybe I should just get a light ring...hmm.

Natural light


As I mentioned, I got my lenses a bit later and I took longer to try them on so by the time I did I had already seen them on some other light eyed individuals, and honestly I was a bit sad I didn't choose a different color. Generally I pick grays because they blend the best but the design of these is geared more towards dark eyes and the blending doesn't look very natural on lighter eyes. So in my mind I might as well pick a less natural color anyway.

That aside I really do like the design, it looks so luminous and dolly, on dark eyes it just glows! I have seen the blue on light eyes and find that to be attractive as well. There is an inner dark ring composed of small dots that does blend nicely on dark eyes and the iris portion is very light so you can achieve quite a bright look.

It was a bit hard for me to tell if the lens was right side out when I was applying them but it was easy enough to get them in. I did notice a slight wandering but it was very slight. Comfort wise I find them to be on the higher end. I wore them for over 8 hours (do as I say, not as I do haha) and only expirenced some irritation when I was outside. Wetting drops will keep theses feeling like nothing is there :)

I liked the enlarging on these, they are only 14.5mm but I felt they did a nice job. (Personally I prefer 15mm because I have large eyes and show a lot of whites). They certainly give you a cute and dolly style eye, while still being subtle. If you find the right color match for you, or have darker eyes these are going to work nicely to achieve a large dolly eye.

I would try more lenses in this series or this brand, and I can see myself wearing these regularly enough. I wouldn't call them my favorites but they are well made and designed. Visit Pinky Paradise for these and tons more lenses!
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