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Today I'm going to write about the cute side of Japan. Well there are a lot of cute sides to Japan aren't there? The concept of cute is much more complex than it is here in the west and weaved throughout many facets of society. One thing we don't really have here in America are Character goods. We have mascots that represent a brand or item, and we have toys, but not characters who stand alone and are merchandised for children and adults by lines of various lifestyle goods and sundries.

Overview of the shop, and crowds :D
It was around Halloween when I was last there
The most well known is the world must be Hello Kitty from Sanrio, but Rilakkuma is also very well known and loved (maybe not nearly as much in the west). Rilakkuma was created in 2003 by San-x and his name means relax bear. Basically he is a lazy bear who is accompanied by his friends Korilakkuma (Little relax bear) who seems mischievous and Kiirotori (yellow bird) who is the smart one haha!

I've written about the Rilakkuma Store in Tokyo station before, back in 2010! But since then the store has moved so I thought it's only appropriate to update my information. This branch of the Rilakkuma Store is located in a section of Tokyo Station's underground shopping called Character Street, so you can see lots of other cute characters while you're there. And I think the move was a great thing because now it's actually on Character Street and not down the hall around a corner haha. But that does not mean it's any less crowded!


The shape of the store is a bit more meandering now, but still contains a vast selection of all things Rilakkuma. Including special items that are exclusive to this location. I've read this store carries over 3,000 items and I can see that! You can find everything from stationary, plush toys, slippers, dishware, gadgets, phone accessories and more. If you have a friend who loves Rilakkuma and seems to have it all, this is the perfect place to get them a gift.

Bandages, pill and contact cases, mirrors etc
These are the cutest chopsticks rest ever!

I'm a big fan of Rilakkuma, he's one of my top favorite characters easily so I enjoyed this store a lot. But as I mentioned, it is very crowded. Don't expect to browse casually, you have to be a bit assertive (maybe limber? haha) to get to every item. But that's part of the experience I guess, and it's an easy stop for those wanting to see cute things without going too far. If I go back to Japan I'm certainly stopping again and stocking up! :D

Access Information:
The Rilakkuma Store is located in Character Street in the basement shopping arcade in Tokyo Station known as 1st Avenue. Check Tokyo Station's website for floor Maps. And San-x website.
Hours are: 10:00 until 20:30
B1, First Avenue Tokyo Station, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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