The Oazo building in Marunouchi

This is my first new post about my Japan travels in more than a year, when I write that out it feels so bizarre! To go from visiting Tokyo several times a year to not even traveling for over a year - it's like I'm living someone else's life now. But I feel very happy and nostalgic when I look over these photos and it's like I'm there again haha. I have a lot of posts left to write from Japan Trip 10 (my last trip) plus a lot more from other trips I didn't share so there's a lot more info coming up!

On this particular day I went to downtown Tokyo with my friend, or should I call it central Tokyo? Well I mean the heart of Tokyo where you can find the Imperial palace and Tokyo Station. I have been there plenty of times over the years and still have not seen it all. This central part of Tokyo is the heart of business and you can find many tall buildings and shops that cater to office workers. But don't worry you can find lots of cute shops in Tokyo station! haha.

Oazo, the building I'm introducing today located in Marunouchi, combines offices and shops.  The upper levels house businesses and office, and lower levels offer shops, cafes and restaurants. It bills itself as a Mental Oasis for the locals. You can find a wide variety of places to eat, buy some soothing household items, or get a back massage and your nails done.

At one of the patisserie shops. I would eat a macaron tree...
For me I never found it super exciting because I wasn't there to eat and the shops aren't quite what I'm looking for when I'm out shopping. But it is worth a stop for the interesting architecture, design and art installations. I have also caught an orchestra performance there once, they often have exhibitions. Check out the directory for complete shop listings!

Maruzen book shop entrance
Beautiful greeting cards at Maruzen
 Personally I went into the Maruzen Bookshop most often myself. One for a decent restroom haha, but also they had a bunch of cute stationary - I particularly enjoyed their greeting cards. Their selection of fashion magazines were more geared towards working women in their 30s. There are a lot of nice sweets cafes there too, which would make a good place to stop as you explore the area. Even an Auntie Anne's Pretzels if you're feeling homesick haha.

I don't remember which restaurant this is from, but how can I not take a pic of the plastic food??
Looking down at the main lobby
Boy I sure do wish I could get back to Japan and see these places again in real life! I hope these posts are fun for you too, or useful when you are traveling.
Marunouchi Oazo, 1 Chome-6-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Railway directions with map 
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