Macy's Flower Show 2014 "The Secret Garden"

Back in the beginning of April I wasn't up to much (not that I am now, but perhaps a bit more lately haha). I was job hunting and enjoying my free tim by being a little homebody. Anyhow one of the few things I got out to was Macy's annual Flower Show, an exhibit on the 8th floor auditorium in the Downtown Minneapolis location.
When I was young my Grandma would take me to Macy's (Then Dayton's and much better) Christmas show which featured amazing to scale displays of famous Christmas stories and tales. Now they only have one Christmas exhibit they show every year, rather than changing it which isn't very fun. But the Flower Show always follows a different theme and has been running for nearly 5 decades.
From the Japanese Garden section, it's my favorite haha

This year's theme was titled "The Secret Garden" and as I was walking through the display I felt it was more like general private gardens from around the world than invoking the spirit of the novel. I noticed some English, Japanese and French themed gardens; each featured different types of flowers and greenery along with props and backdrops.

The center piece for this year's Flower Show was a giant cascading flower dress displayed on a 20ft mannequin. It was done all in various shades of red and was surrounded by a bed of roses. It was very eye catching and they used a stylized image of it on a real woman for their ads.
Unfortunanly I visited on a weekend  so it was supremely crowded making it difficult to get landscape shots of the gardens, but I hope you can still get a sense of how beautiful it was. It also smelled so amazing, you could smell it before you even came near haha.

I really reccomend visiting the Flower Show if you are in Minneapolis at the time. It gets you out of the cold and surrounds you with the beauty of nature. The gift shop featured really lovely plants, flowers, and sweets so that's also fun to check out. Now I can't wait for some flowers to grow in my own yard haha!!
I'll be posting more pics from Macy's Flower Show on my Instagram over the next few days so check it out if you enjoyed these :D
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