What happened to you!

I wonder if anyone will notice this post, it feel truly strange to be writing here again after almost a year (and a big break before that as well), but giving up blogging was one of the many mistakes I made in 2013. The number 13 has always been considered unlucky by traditional superstitions and now I feel I understand that better personally after last year haha. But I had told myself 2014 would not be the same and getting my blog going again is a big part of that.

So far this year I have gotten a new job (not that I like this new one much better, but it's paying the bills and the atmosphere is a lot healthier), cut off bad relationships, slowed down or ceased some major self-destructive behaviors and lost 20 lbs. Unfortunately I haven't done many exciting things like travel or make coordinates but I'm making plans so I know that will change too!

Well there's really not that much to catch everyone up on cause like I mentioned I really haven't done anything note-worthy recently, but I thought I might show a few pictures I've taken in the last couple of months. First up some pretty pictures that I took when I visited the Como Zoo Conservatory in Feburary!

Just some phone camera photos, but I love the beautiful flowers as photography subjects so much. And it was really great to see some greenry back then. It was really only till this month that it stopped snowing or raining. So maybe I'll see some flowers in my yard soon haha. I wasn't going out and about much, and that included shopping trips but I did buy a few cute items...

I bought this 50cm Alpaca from Rosy's Garden, so expensive to me because I'm used to catching my own Alpaca haha
Cheap stuff from Kohl's and F21
Do cute snacks count as gets??
Now that I'm looking at these pics I'm thinking I've gotten a lot more clothes than that... I think I will do an update on my current closet as a post soon! I'm buying clothes mostly in pastel pink, blue and white. And I really love Katie, Titty&co and Swankiss as brands - I'm dreaming about making a web order for some of their items - at least the exchange rate isn't too bad right?? haha.

Here's a couple bad outfit shots to round out this entry. I don't really have a well light and nice place for taking outfit pictures but I'll figure that out, get some makeup on my face and take some shots just like I used to when I'm not worn out from my full time job :P

I have lots of plans for future posts, and lots and lots and lots of things I still need to write about Japan! I'm also going to have a cool giveaway to celebrate my return to the blogging world. I don't expect anyone to notice or comment on this post particularly - but if you have anything that you'd like me to post about specifically please feel to let me know! I also want to thank the people who over the past year and so reached out to me with their beautiful messages of support and concern. I hope you know those messages helped me survive some really tough moments and even tho I couldn't reply I was thinking about it so much.
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