Katie the store AW 2014 exhibit

Hey everyone! I want to start off by thanking everyone who has joined my Big Celebration Giveway so far, I am really so touched by the comments on the post and feel honored I can giveaway something that will prove useful :) There's still plenty of time to enter and you can earn more entries everyday so make sure to come back! I do plan to hold many more giveaways after this as well :D

Anyhow, I'd like to do another fashion post today. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the Swankiss AW14 post I did previously, it's great to see that brand gain more support and followers here in the west! Today I'm talking about another one of my favorite brands, well know for it's cute designs in Harajuku, Katie! I think their most well known item is their Frill Totebag, which lots of brands are making now. I like their light color palettes, feminine cuts and attention to detail!

I haven't been able to find too many photos from the exhibit, a few here and there from staff and model instagrams, but it does give a nice glimpse into their direction this Autumn. They are sticking with light colors like usual, and bringing in autumn textures like fur. Plus there's the poodle motif popping up here too.
The theme for their AW 2014 line is Teenage Candy. I think it comes through in the color choices, as well as obvious nods like the conversation heart shirt. The light jewely tones are certainly sweet.

beautiful hair pins!!

My personal favorite are the sheer tops with rhinestone wording, they look very cute and eye catching for layering. I also really love the pom pom mules, how darling are they?? I could never fit into them but maybe I could make something similar with fake fur :) It seems all the pieces I like and could fit into are always sold out on the few websites that carry Katie so maybe I'll be enjoying this collection from afar as well :D

Do you like the brand Katie? Make sure to follow Katie's and their model Risa's instagrams! Sorry today's post was a bit shorter, somehow today went quickly, except those last 2 hours at work XP
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