Okashi Land - Your fave Japanese snacks as a foodcourt!

Here's a follow up to the Rilakkuma Store post I did last week, today I'm introducing another section of the Tokyo Station 1st Avenue shopping arcade that was just brand new when I visited! Tokyo Station had been working on this shopping arcade for four years and it was opened to the public on April 2012. You will find Character Street (where the Rilakkuma Store is), Ramen Street and Okashi Land. Designed to appeal to local commutors, it offers interesting shopping and food options all together and easily accessed within the station (no need to even walk outside! haha) 1st Avenue is located in front of the Yaesu Chuo-guchi/Central Exit.

In the past I had visited character street, but Okashi Land only had just opened so I was excited to see it. Honestly I didn't know beforehand what it was or even that all these streets were being re-done and expanded. Regardless, it's always exciting to see new things in places you've checked out before!

Okashi Land features big name snack brands like Calbee, Glico Co, and Morinaga & Company. I'm sure everyone has enjoyed at least one of these brands if not all. Pocky (from Glico) is all over the world now, I can even buy it at Target and the local supermarket here in MN! This area is laidout like a foodcourt and features storefronts, cafe and a seating area to enjoy all your newly procured snacks!

Glico is a storefront and it offers products that have been freshly made right on the premises so your favorite treats will taste even better than usual! In addition they have some limited items found only at Okashi Land. Morinaga also is a storefront selling their chocolate and assorted branded items. But to me the most interesting has to be the Calbee store! You can get packaged snacks just like with Glico and Morinaga, but they also have a small cafe selling ice cream and fresh potato chips that you can take with you or eat on site. Actually I think I need to point out they serve chips and ice cream together! Or you can get your chips topped with cheese or chocolate sauce. This was rather popular when I was there!

Even though I didn't partake of anything (I don't eat snacks all too often) it was really fun looking at all the items together and seeing the limited edition snacks. My personal highlight was taking sneaky shots of other people's Calbee potato chip ice creams :D It's certainly worth checking out because you have the super cute Character Street next door and you can pick up a nice fresh gift for your friends who love Japanese snacks!

Have you tried many Japanese snacks, what is your favorite snack?? Oh I don't think I can pick just one myself,  Japan is just so creative with their food - I really miss that!

Floor Map
For more info check here and here!
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