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Hey good evening everyone! It was another longer break in between posts than I had hoped/planned, but I'm working bit by bit toward my new health/weight loss series. I don't know why the weekend has to go so fast but here it is Sunday evening already, well I think a new lens review is a great way to finish out the best part of the week haha. My only solace is July 4th is coming up Friday so this work week is shortened though I won't be able to use my free day to get anything done. Anyhow, let's get onto the review, it's been some time since I've reviewed brown lenses!

These lenses were sponsored to me quite some time ago from LoveShoppingholics.com, they sent me a variety of lenses and it was fun to try some brown ones again (even though brown goes better for dark eyes haha). Though the transition between my iris and a brown lens is never natural, I enjoy really changing my look up with a very different color and brown lenses are necessary for certain characters when cosplaying.

Natural light
The design on these lenses is particularly unique, it seems that Vassen has really thought outside the box on several of their designs. I am guessing the name Rainbow Eyes for this line comes from the bold color combinations that create a rather bright look from a distance. The brown lens combines brown and purple that for me personally seems to work better with my light eyes. Because blue and purple are next to each other on the color wheel? These lenses also have some liberal use of black throughout the iris which helps break up the colors and appear more variegated.

On the enlargement end of things these lenses do very well for 14.5mm. I have found that Vassen lenses always appear larger than they measure. The outer darker ring is not thick, but it is dark and opaque overall. I was pleased, and didn't have a lot of white showing as I may with other 14.5mm lenses. However I don't feel like these lenses make very dolly eyes. I guess its due to the bold and bright colors, these are more striking than sweet. So I'd pair them with cool looks or for cosplay.

Comfort wise I really had no noticeable issues the couple times I have worn them so far. I did however have a danged hard time getting the right lens in last time and subsequently dropped in it the sick twice, which is not good as the bacteria from the sink gets on the lens and will cause irritation. So I did notice the right lens was itchier, don't drop your lenses haha! Of course I did it once more when I was taking it out as well, I'm actually a rather clumsy person :3

Overall I really like these lenses, for brown lenses and I will certainly use them in the future when I want to do something different/fun. I'll also use them with my Snow White cosplay! I really like Vassen as a brand as well. Make sure to check out LoveShoppingholics.com for these and hundreds of other circle lenses. They also have a great selection of eyelashes which I am sure I will be ordering from soon as my own collection is getting really sparse now!

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