Day in Edogawa-ku and Happy Bear bath ball

Hi everyone, I'm glad only a few days have passed since my last update this time haha. This fulltime work schedule... boy I feel like I talk about it every post now, that's just how disruptive it is. And when I write my Japan posts it just makes me realize how much I miss my old life style of being a student and traveling abroad. My dream would be to start up an independent company/start making the clothes and jewelry designs I have in my head. I am hoping to find a new job that is 30 hours per week next and maybe I can get more of my own life stuff done!

Outside a apartment rental shop
How's this bread - it's just fine
A 7-11 and Disney campaing
The campaign items
Well anyhow, today's post is another picture amalgamation of a day I spent in Edogawa-ku, to be completely honest I don't remember the town name... I was with my friend who needed to go to a ward office. Of course even on a mundane task like that I want to collect interesting photos, so I'll just post my favorites of that day here!

Man I wanted to eat these Misdo halloween donuts...
We started off by going in the completely opposite direction of the intended goal haha, so it was mostly a lot of walking, but temperatures are very plesant in the early part of October in Japan so that was no challenge. The bad part was there weren't many interesting things to snap, but we had to stop at a conbini to ask for directions so then I went ahead and snapped all the pics I could there! Conbini are always a great place for pics as they always have new and limited snacks/items.

Kyary is a goddess!

We did eventually find the ward office, and once that task was complete we walked around the town a bit. Though really there wasn't much there of interest, we did stop at Book Off and I peeked around at the magazines, interior design books, beauty mooks etc. Though I was too cheap to purchase any used books for the prices they were asking. After that we stoped in a g.u. I don't remember doing that/going there but the photos are solid evidence! I was pretty excited about it as it was when Kyary was doing a collaboration with them for her Fashion Monster single.

To finish out this post with more cute photos, because to me that's important haha, I'll show you this cute bath bomb I picked up in Daiso in Sunshine City (See my post a couple days ago). Baths in Japan are so convinient. I find bathtubs in the US to be too oversized or too utilitarian and small to be used by adults properly. Thus, I don't think about bath products much, but I picked up this bath bomb because it was only 100 yen and contained a prize!

The bathball unwrapped on the edge of the tub
And this was my prize!
After the bomb dissolves in your bath water you can find a tiny plastic bear as your prize. The bomb itself didn't really improve the water, but I loved the bear haha! I even got the special rare color variant that glowed in the dark. I'm sure this poor cutie is in a landfill now as I left him behind in Japan.

So! Coming up next in my Japan posts will be my trip to Okinawa! It's really exciting because I hadn't been outside of Tokyo for quite some time before this, can't wait to show you :)
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