* Sponsor Review* Vassen Vanila Milkshake Green circle lens

Today I am doing another lens review, one that should have been done quite a bit ago! I received these lenses from Loveshoppingholics.com before I went on my unintentional hiatus, I adore LoveShoppingholics and they have always been so great to work with so I felt really bad that I didn’t give them the review before. I was however, very glad to find these lenses were still well within their expiry date so I can finally talk about them now. These were sponsored to me, but I did not receive any compensation and all following opinions are my honest appraisal of the item.

Natural light
I was immediately drawn to these lenses due to their beautiful and unique design, it looks like flower petals or perhaps waves. Further the colors employed in it are a combo of blue and green which I feel gives it a brighter more “natural” look since real irises are not just one color. There is a lot of black throughout the design, though there is not strong outer ring the overall darkness very easily enlarges the eye despite being on the smaller end of diameters.
It was quite easy to apply these, but I accidentally put one on inside out. I wondered why it was so uncomfortable immediately, but luckily I did figure it out eventually :D I don’t think you’ll have the same problem since the design is bold and very opaque so it’s not difficult to tell the inside from the outside. After I got that settled I found them to be a medium comfort level. I could wear them for 8 hours with only needing to re-wet a few times.

I personally like the design, it’s not in the natural category of circle lenses, but I like that it is bold and it makes for very lovely eyes in your photographs. I also feel like this color can work well on both light and dark eyes, which is something I always pay attention to. Check the item page here for examples on a dark iris, you can see it makes the eye a very lovely emerald green. I also liked the enlargement, I think it did quite well for a 14.5mm and would certainly wear these when I want cute or dolly looks.

Like I mentioned before I think LoveShoppingholics is a fabulous webshop. They offer tons of circle lenses as well as Japanese brand eyelashes and Korean beauty products. Everything you need to give yourself a cute or glamorous look! They always respond quickly and effectively and shipping times are very quick. Make sure to check out their site!
And make sure to use my code: 1000161850 to received 2$ off when you order :)

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