Coordinate post - Cheery Cherry outfit!

Hi there everyone! How has your week been? My week went fast as usual, but it was a lot nicer since I didn't feel well and took some days off of work. I should have been productive but at least I wasn't at work haha. I am writing a new outfit post today, but after this I don't have anymore outfits to show! I just don't seem to have the time to dress up :( Or when I do, I just feel all tired/lazy and don't want to do anything haha. To actually make outfits it seems like I would have to dress up after work, but then I couldn't get pictures taken until 8pm earliest... Would it be worth it?

Well today's outfit was an attempt to get more creative/vibrant with my fashion. I was looking over my old outfits and I used to use so many accessories/layers and put a lot more personality into my looks, which I am sure is what was attractive to people. I mean the point is to make outfits inspired by Japanese Fashion that can't just be seen on the streets normally.

One reason why it used to be easier to make outfits, I think, is because gyaru was still a well defined and followed fashion style. But gyaru has really declined (The death of gyaru has been very well chronicled over at Universal-doll). Well, I do love Swankiss, and Katie, and Syrup, and Titty&co and Lillily and Milk so I guess my taste has run into the recent light colored girly style, "Larme-kei" as Mitsu so succinctly phrased. I just bought Larme 11 (and the August Cutie), a bunch of Japanese brand, and cute accessories so I'll do my best to make some cute Larme-kei outfits!

dress: Forever21
shoes: MojoMoxy
access: handmade, ebay
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