* Review * Lockshop's Mermaid wig in Beachy

Good day friends! I am excited to finally have time to get this review posted up, I've been wanting to for some time but first I needed to wear it, then I had to take pictures and I decided to make a video review for the first time! I think nowadays people like to watch reviews, and get the info as quickly as possible. But I personally also like to see photos and read some text, especially if I'm at work and can't have youtube come blaring up on my phone haha!

Well anyhow, I was searching for a new wig that was a natural color, with an easy-to-wear and complimentary cut, and good quality. Lockshop is well known within the Japanese fashion community and they offer a great variety of wigs geared towards lolita, fairy and gyaru styles. I had looked at their wigs for quite some time but the shipping cost/need to be a group order dissuaded me from ever ordering. However, recently they moved their shipping office to Germany so the cost is more affordable for us in the USA.

I picked the Mermaid style because of it's soft waves that look good with a face shape like mine, I always like wavy curly wigs anyhow. The length is very nice, for some it may be too long cause it brushes against the waist line but for me I like the luxury appearence of the length. Mermaid comes in many different colors, and several special blends. The blended colors are very lovely and give the wig a much more natural look, like the Beachy color I chose.

The fibers are very soft, but not slick/plasticy, so far I didn't find any problems with shine though I have not tried flash on it yet. The wefting is also very well done, it's thick without being too huge/costumey looking and you can't see the cap though the fibers at all. The parting is done on a partial skin cap which I really like. It upgrades the naturalness alot, and makes Lockshop wigs stand out above fashion wigs which generally have the one point part.

The one trouble I have with this wig is the need for more brushing and maintaince, I need this beforehand from various reviews but even just taking it out of the package it had flyaways all over. I'm rather lazy so this is a difficult point for me haha.

The shipping wasn't very quick, it took a few weeks because it was stock in processing in Germany for quite some time. But that really has nothing to do with Lockshop. They always communicate quickly and the wig was packaged up very nicely. I did actually order a second wig but I began thinking a black wig was too dark for me and sent it back for a voucher, so far they have not received it so I'm starting to worry I'm out like 50$ haha...

Well overall I'm very happy with the wig, the cost and quality are very good, the ordering process was very easy and smooth. I do plan to order from Lockshop again in the future!
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