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Hi everyone, I meant to get another Okinawa post up today, and to make videos yesterday but over the weekend I mostly sat around. I'm so tired lately :( But I'll do my best to get it up tomorrow, then my lockshop review, followed by a new Kawaii Healthy episode! In the mean time I thought I would just post up this outfit that I've had laying around for a month or so - it's high time just to show it haha.

I actually made this outfit for Kawaii.i's Leader contest, it was a series of follies with it tho. First I forgot to make the outfit when I originally had planned to, then the next weekend it was rainy and terrible. I didn't leave myself enough time to make a nice set-up. Anyway, after I saw all the cute entrants for the contest I kinda gave up hope of winning haha!

But I'll keep trying to spread Japanese kawaii culture just like I have been all these years on my own. I've spoken about Gyaru fashion at the U of M and worked with Kawaii.i multiple times in the past, so I hope I can do more like that in the future :)

top: thrift
skirt: UNIF
socks/shoes: ASOS
earrings: I'myourpresent
Actually I do like this outfit a lot, I think it has a good balance, if I re-did it the only thing I'd change is the necklace and of course the lighting haha. I haven't been able to make outfits lately either, but I have a cute one coming up that I hope people will enjoy. I'm trying harder to make a bolder look like I used to do, only more cute and not rock as I was. I guess with my face/stature I fit dark looks better, but I think fashion is about wearing what you like and inspires you, and doing your best!
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