My picks from some AW14 lookbooks!

Hi everyone! I'm taking a quick break from my Okinawa posts to write a bit about fashion today! It's already on my mind what my wardrobe will look like for the Autumn Winter season even though I've hardly made any Spring Summer outfits. Well when the brands roll out their look books and runway shows I can't help but start planning ahead! I'm going to cover some of my favorite brands today, of course there are lots of other brands who have inspiring outfits but it might be troublesome to just show one of this or that.

They are staying strong with light colors, seeing a bit more of a coral pink than baby pink for Autumn. They also are utilizing lavender, mustard and red. There lookbook is really focused on the white and pink tones though, which is fine for me because I love those colors and feel glad to wear them all season! I really want the cosmetic embroidery set, and the short bon-con skirt.

They have a great variety of outfits in this season's lookbook, western shirts, denim, lingerie inspired, girly dresses. I often think I couldn't pull off their looks, which is good for my wallet, but these styles jumped out at me. They also continue a light color palette, but with a good dash of black thrown in. I certainly hope I can get my hands on the sheer over shirts with rhinestone details.

They are keeping my interest going this upcoming season for sure! I like their use of trendy fall items like leather jackets and leopart print, but with their cute flourishes. I must have the lame skirt, and the plaid set is much too perfect! I plaid is a lovely autumn pattern and seems to be in so many collections, especially as skirts. Titty&co also has some lovely teal and denim items in this collection.

I also wanted to cover Lillily but their lookbook isn't up currently. I'm excited already! But I should focus on this season a bit more first haha, I haven't been improving my look as much as I had hoped. I think my outfits used to be so fun and creative and I've lost some time ago. I really want to add more cuteness and dimension to my outfits, make them more over the top as well, like I used to do. Well, I'll try harder haha! What autumn trends and items are you looking forward to?
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