My current Larme-kei jewelry collection

Good evening everyone! I'm really trying to keep my word about getting back into blogging everyday so here I am again with a new post. I'm curious to see if I can keep this going even with this current schedule, but it's just a matter of never resting for too long so I can get a lot done I guess haha. I've gotten a few specific post requests lately over on my Tumblr so I'm going to get those completed as best as I can, so today's post is one of those requests!

I was asked to introduce my Larme-kei style jewelry, especially now that my style has gone from rock gyaru to Larme-kei (with some gyaru makeup thrown in). Certainly my taste in jewelry has also changed with my wardrobe, and as always whenever changing over your style (which I never seem to stop doing...) there's a time period when you don't have so many items. I feel like my jewelry is in that phase right now, but I try to hand make more items whenever I get the chance.
Anyhow! Onto the jewelry, first up is:

These are all hand made by me, you see a lot of chokers in Japanese fashion now from leather ones, tattoo, ribbons etc. They are also popular in blogger fashion, and you may see them coming into western stores lately. I want to make some more, for myself and to sell, but I keep forgetting to buy more findings haha!

"Dolly" Necklaces
These are about half hand made and half store bought. I bought the Rose and Pearl necklace from Target, the gold heart from F21, the cherry necklace from ebay, the purple seashell from CuteCanKill, the large roses necklace from Charming Charlies, and the gold seashell was made by me.

"Geeky"  Necklaces
I found Larme refers to more pop/street looks as "geeky" so I'll go with that haha! These necklaces are basically all from independent crafters and I am so happy about that! If you can make your living not working in a corporation please please do so - it's really awful working in an office haha. Sailor Moon compact necklace by KumaCrafts, Purple heart necklace by CuteCanKill, Sara Mari and Maho Shojo necklaces custom ordered from De DiPux, Mermaid necklace by I'myourpresant and clear chain from F21,

Again here is a mix of items, the puff earrings are handmade by me I also have them in hot pink and red (I'd like to sell these too if I can make time to craft more). The plastic heart earrings come from I'myourpresant, the gold hearts are from F21 and the silver wings are from Target a long time ago. I really like statement earrings so I hope I can get some more cute ones soon!

Rings, Bracelets
These I am more likely to pick up in the store than buy online, I guess because I don't really know what type I want until I see them. The large clear cuff in the back is from H&M, large pearl, clear bead bracelets and pearl rings made by me, Wing rings by CuteCanKill, green heart ring from Nile Perch, gold rings mainly from F21, silver crown ring and "Love" pearl bracelet from Kohl's

Now just for fun I thought I'd show what I still have left from my gothic and rock jewelry collection, I kept a lot of it actually I only really sold the Japanese brand items. So I still have a lot, tho I never use it. I don't want to toss it, maybe I can give some away someday.

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