* Sponsor Review * DollyWink liquid eyeliner deep black from HanaVillage

Hi everyone! I'm keeping it going, how surprised and happy I feel to be blogging more often hehe! I'm going to have to brainstorm some more ideas for posts coming up soon, and I'd like to write more informative things about Japanese fashion brands but that's going to take some harder work on my part so that will have to be a tentative thing. It would also be fun to restart One 7 Ways and maybe Fashion Hime Friday, I miss those for sure and it was fun being more interactive with you guys!

Anyhow, it's been awhile since my last review so I'm excited to bring you a new one today. Recently HanaVillage.com contacted me about reviewing some of their items, they gave me a 30$ voucher to purchase any items of my choosing. That was hard for me because I am a true libra and I am super indecisive, haha! I was thinking of getting the Dollywink eyelashes #16 as the design is super cute and you know Dollywink eyelashes are top quality, but I thought I should try something entirely new (as I've tried other types of their eyelashes previously). HanaVillage.com has a great selection of DollyWink items.

I've used liquid eyeliner in the past, but only with a wand not in this pencil form. Furthermore my current pencil eyeliner doesn't offer the darkness level I'd like to achieve. So I thought this is a great chance to upgrade my eyeliner while trying a whole new format. I think the liquid being inside of a pencil makes it quite easier to handle than a wand, especially for those who are not as used to putting on eyeliner. Liquid tends to have a more messy application so having a pencil to hold with a nice sharp brush tip makes DollyWink an easy to use eyeliner.

DollyWink Deep Black liquid eyeliner swatch
I found this eyeliner to be even easier to handle than I expected, I was somewhat worried the liquid would get everywhere, but it was very easy to direct and apply it. It went on super smoothly! And the brush tip makes a super precise and fine line, so this is the perfect liner for making wings.

The color is very pure black, but it's not super opaque so to get the level of opacity that I like it took several layers to build up. This eyeliner is not water proof, it stays well but it can get worn away when in contact with tears or if you rub it a lot. I found it didn't stay well around the inner corner of my eye lid. But the overall appearance is elegant and sharp! I plan to use this in conjunction with my regular pencil liner.

- Easy to apply
- Nice product design
- Smooth
- Great for precise lines

- Not very opaque
- Difficult to make thick lines
- Not long lasting

Also I'm very happy with HanaVillage's selection of items, besides having all the DollyWink items we love, they offer lots of other products from the brand Koji (which produces DollyWink). Koji has a nice eyelash glue called Eyelash Fix that I am looking at getting when I run out of my current glue. And they also carry my favorite skincare brand - HadoLabo! I can purchase some of HadoLabo's items in the US but HanaVillage has the full line, I highly recommend the HadoLabo Hyaluronic Gel Cream

HanaVillage has great customer service, they reply super quick to inquires and they have Free Shipping, which I know is really a big selling point for a lot of people. They also have a great return policy if the item you order doesn't work out. For me personally that is an important feature. I have a couple more reviews for HanaVillage (Lashes and Lenses) coming up that I can't wait to show!
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