Tokyo National Museum in Ueno

Happy Sunday everyone! Let's enjoy our free time before the next work week begins, or if you are lucky enough to still be a student savor your summer vacation! Well I fell off the blog everyday band wagon really fast didn't I? Haha, but I should have known my schedule on Friday makes it impossible to blog, so I won't claim I can post anything on Fridays anymore :D However yesterday I was just being lazy, I just sat around watching Free! and Sailor Moon Crystal hehe. I kinda see Saturday as my recovery day from work, let go of mental stress and I end up not wanting to so anything. While I can't promise anything on Fridays I will try harder to be more productive Saturdays :)

Now that my Okinawa mini series is finished I thought it was the perfect time to go back and finished writing about my Japan Trip 8 travels! I'm really happy I still have many day's worth of posts from my 8th trip as I am nearly done with my Japan Trip 9 folder D: I'm still really hoping to get back to Japan later this year/early next year and I don't want to run out of Japan posts before I can go again!!

Today I want to introduce the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park. Ueno has become known for it's museums because you can find this one, the National Science Museum, the Museum of Western Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum all within the park! It's too much to cover all in one day (especially when you throw in the rest of the park and Zoo) but it gives you a lot to choose from and if you have visited many times like me there's still more to see! As a side note, I always think of Tokyo Babylon when it comes to Ueno park, even tho I never really read the manga.

Many people finding their barings on this map of Ueno Koen
The Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is the oldest of all the museums in Ueno Park, and it is comprised of 5 buildings just by itself. Each building houses different collections so in that way they are like an entire museum in themselves. Suffice to say this is the largest collection of national treasures and culturally important artifacts in all of Japan. You are definitely going to see some very beautiful and special items when you make your trip to the Tokyo National Museum. Make sure to check out their website, it's all in English and very useful, with access information and descriptions of all the collections.

They house collections from all eras of Japanese history, as well as artifacts from other parts of Asia. The layouts are very well done and make it easy to take a calm stroll through the rooms. It's very austere as well, the atmoshpere felt a bit formal to me so I was self conscious of my rather rock/tough outfit that day haha. But luckily I could snap lots of interesting photos and that kept my mind off of my awkwardness. It's really nice I was able to photograph as well because I saw some very unique pieces.

I recommend this Museum for sure, to those just on their first visit to Japan and even those who have lived there for some time. There are so many beautiful artifacts, and many extend back to a very long time ago. I think it's a great chance to learn more about Japan and as well as just aesthetically pleasing. I hoped you enjoyed the pictures I got, I particularly liked the kimono and inlaid boxes.
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