Arpakasso haul and Tokyo Otaku Mode review

Good evening! Wow, I really just can't keep up with blogging on my schedule, it makes me so sad! I'm really hoping I'll get a week break here soon and I can catch up on a lot of things that have fallen by the way side - particularly my Lovely Healthy videos and setting up an online shop. But until then I'll keep plugging away at my regular blog entries as best as I can, luckily I know what I want to write in advance so I don't have to worry about that :D

As you may know I love cute things, all sorts of cute things and I horde them up whenever I get hooked on a new cute item. One of my favorite kawaii characters is Alpakasso (Arpakasso) Alpaca, these have been quite popular for a few years now and began as a UFO catcher prize. They have gained popularity and you can buy them in some regular shops now if your catching skills don't pay out haha, or online like I have recently!

Most of the Alpaca I currently have (maybe it's not true now that I've been on a shopping spree...) are ones that I caught during my various stays in Tokyo. Sadly I left my jumbos and half my smaller ones in Tokyo and they are long gone. So  I have bought a few online to sure up my collection haha. I picked out 3 large alpaca and 1 jumbo, I picked out my favorite colors: pink, white and lavendar. Anyhow, these ones are official, which is something you have to be careful of as most if not all alpaca sold at conventions are bootlegs.

These were purchased from Tokyo Otaku Mode and I had such a great buying experience with them I wanted to write up a little review and let you know more about them!

Tokyo Otaku Mode homepage

Tokyo Otaku Mode, as you may gather from the name is a webshop for "otaku" items so mostly anime themed items like figures, cosplay pieces, posters etc. They also carry a small selection of character good including Authentic Alpakasso. I heard of Tokyo Otaku Mode initally on Tumblr when they were running a sale a couple weeks ago. They were offering 5$ off any alpaca purchase and free shipping. They do offer free shipping from time to time so keep your eyes peeled.

With the coupons (and making my friend buy one for me haha) I was able to get all 4 Alpaca for just 35$! That's super reasonable, and just as I would buy if I bought them in a shop in Japan! Besides having very good prices and specials, Tokyo Otaku Mode goes above and beyond in the customer service department as well. The items were shipped via EMS so they arrived very quickly. The packaging was excessive, the boxes were grossly oversized for what was inside, but they were packed very securely.

Close up of the pretty art on the file folder

What I loved especially were the freebies, I got a pin with each item and the invoice/flyers were inside of a plastic file folder. The file folder has a beautiful illustration on it so you can keep it, great for everyone going back to school soon :D These little touches really stood out to me, as I know this is at extra cost to them.

Overall I was super happy with Tokyo Otaku Mode, my items are authentic and well prices, packaged with awesome freebies and quick shipping. What more can you want! So I recommend them highly for cute items as well as anime items (Including your faves - SnK, Free!, Madoka, Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon etc). Please check them out, and if you use my referral URL you can get 5$ off your first purchase!
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