Coordinate post - Laced and Confused outfit

Hello there friends, good evening! I can't offer a post as cute as yesterday's today since it will be a post about me haha, but I thought its about time to show another outfit. I wonder if anyone realizes I just make these outfits for the blog haha, I don't really have time to go out besides running errands or at least it seems that way. I know for a lot of people wearing non-mainstream fashion can cause shyness, or anxiety but I'd like to wear my unique outfits out in public and see the people get uncomfortable with the unknown haha! That's just bravdo I'm actually very shy :D

Anyhow, luckily I had no neighbors interrupting the photos this time so I have a few more detail shots to make the post less boring. I also began wondering - do people like one outfit in a post? Or if I can make more outfits would you like to see several grouped together? Anyhow as of this moment I only make 1 per week or so. I imagine it would be fun to take photos of my outfits out and about, I hope I can do that someday!

top: F21
dress: F21
shoes: Missguided
rings: CuteCanKill
I liked this outfit a lot, maybe it's too cute for someone like me, but it was fun to wear none the less. I have so many pink and white clothing, I should be able to make hundreds of different combos with them haha. I am thinking of buying some clothing in black again and actually it makes me a bit nervous! Like how will I wear it? Can you imagine me feeling like that after all the darker looks I've worn haha. But if I look back over my outfits it seems I always had a lot of bright colors mixed in as well.
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