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Good evening everyone! I've really been doing a lot of review lately huh? I hope you find them useful, sometimes I'm worried that writing up reviews gets lost in the sea of blog posts since so many people get asked to write reviews by companies now a days. I hope my opinions and point of view can be of interest as well. But I do always try to only review items I actually have knowledge about so I can give opinions based on experience :D

Today I am reviewing some eyelashes, it's been some time since I was able to review a new eyelash (since I haven't been back to Japan, I've just been using up my old stash) Recently HanaVillage.com contacted me about reviewing some of their items, they gave me a 30$ voucher to purchase any items of my choosing. For my first review item I picked the DollyWink liquid eyeliner in deep black, check the review here, HanaVillage.com has a great selection of DollyWink items. For the second item I picked Koji's Concierge false eyelashes in #08 Passion Cute!

But these lashes are super cute, I was very initially drawn to them because the design is very well done. They look long and volumious while still not being too unnatural or heavy. In the past I have not generally picked eyelashes that could ever be called "natural", but with my style change and the general trend towards more soft makeup in Japan, I find myself looking for more subtle eyelashes. If you check current magazines many models still use false eyelashes, but they are natural, smaller and some are brown colored. Hanavillage.com offers all sorts of eyelashes that can be used in today's style of makeup.

From the product description - "Naturally dark eyes with Lash Concierge False Eyelashes! Easy application and volumized and extended lashes in a flash. This lash is full, fluffy and gorgeous suitable for daily natural makeup or a night out. Every package comes with a pair of eye lashes and a glue."

no flash
I was happy with these lashes immediately! They are so soft and the band is very flexible but strong. You can feel and see the quality of these lashes as soon as you open them, they are not pointy or plasticy at all.
They are extremely easy to work with, like I said before they have a flexible band that makes it a breeze to fit your eyelid. I just trimmed a bit off from the inner corner and applied them with a good look the first go. The fibers themselves are soft and only shiny under very direct flash, so they don't look like "Hey, I'm wearing false eyelashes!!". In fact they look like your own eyelashes but are voluminous enough to create a big, dolly eye.

These lashes are not cheap - 16.90 for 2 pairs, but I can really see the quality in these eyelashes, and would certainly repurchase them in the future. The look I achieved with them was just what I was hoping for and they were so easy to use. I give them five stars in all categories!

Also I'm very happy with HanaVillage's selection of items, they have tons of eyelashes, cosmetics and circle lenses - everything you need to create a very dolly look. And they also carry my favorite skincare brand - HadoLabo! I can purchase some of HadoLabo's items in the US but HanaVillage has the full line, I highly recommend the HadoLabo Hyaluronic Gel Cream. Besides beauty products they have the super popular Instax cameras and film.

HanaVillage has great customer service, they reply super quick to inquires and they have Free Shipping, which I know is really a big selling point for a lot of people. They also have a great return policy if the item you order doesn't work out. For me personally that is an important feature. I have a pair of circle lenses to review still that came from HanaVillage.com, so please look forward to my next review.
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