Balcony fireworks and girls' day out in Shibuya

Hello again everyone, I took quite a break there but luckily this time I have a reason besides laziness haha. Over the long holiday weekend (It was Labor Day here in the US) I spent time shopping and going out as usual, but I also got my first apartment. It’s quite exciting, to live away from home fulltime and create my own space. I have lived away from home while traveling to Japan on my school breaks, but this will be the first time I am living on my own. I got a 2 bedroom apartment so in the second room I will be making a space just for my cute stuff and taking photos, I will show it once it’s all together!
But until that time, I’ll show a bit about when I spent time in Japan and someone else’s apartment haha. It was summer time during my Japan Trip 8 and summer is the proper time for fireworks – there are some very large and amazing firework displays in Japan, but it’s usually tiring going to them since the crowds are huge. So me and my friend decided to enjoy fireworks at home by picking up some small sparklers and lighting them off on the balcony.
The big pack of sparklers we picked up!
Some of them had super cute patterns printed on!

It’s fun for me to look at the pictures now, I remember the day quite well, and as I did not get to light off any fireworks at home this year this is my way of enjoying them haha. The nice thing about doing fireworks here in MN is all the fountains and rockets I can light. Well rockets are illegal but everyone does them anyhow since you can pick them up next door in Wisconsin. I guess firework season is really done now, it’s time to start enjoying fall activities! I personally prefer autumn so so much more than summer, how about you? Fireworks or a hayride?
The next day after my fireworks show, I spent some time meeting up with one of my old girl friends whom I got to know through blogging. It was really nice that my blog was able to connect me to many wonderful people, and I was able to have friends to hang out with even when I was so far away from home. It’s interesting that I was able to meet many people and friends in Tokyo, but I don’t have any friends here in Minnesota. I know there’s plenty of girls here with the same interests but I’m not sure how to go about setting up meet ups haha!
Saw this bike in the neighborhood on my walk to the station!
Inside EggNam purikura arcade

Anyhow, like any proper girls meeting we started in Shibuya for some purikura! It’s such a un activity, taking photos together in the booths and decorating them cutely. The machines are so high tech now, giving you huge eyes, blurred out skin and stilts for legs haha. Purikura is requisite in this situation, and we decided to use the Egg arcade, which had lots of up to date machines with a cute and open interior. I always liked to do purikura there when in Shibuya. To those in Tokyo – is EggNam still open??

The facade of Forever21 in Shibuya
This barista posed for my pic I guess haha
After that we had some tea in a cafĂ© for a bit of a chat, I don’t find cafes very restful in Japan as they are always crowded! No one really hangs out at home in Japan, so cafes are a popular hang out spot. Then we headed to her home town and had dinner in a ubiquitous family restaurant. The great thing about family restaurants in Japan is the low price but varied menu so there’s something for everyone.
Well I wrote a bit more text than I expected haha, but I hope you enjoyed the photos! It was like a look into my past daily life and now with my new apartment I will begin a whole new type of daily life! I’ll be sure to post about my apartment ASAP, but my next post will be a new lens review!

Waiting for the train with my friend
I picked out this seafood salad at the family restaurant
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