* Sponsor Review * Geo Xtra Lace W4U-242 in Blue circle lens

Hi everyone! Back to our regularly scheduled posting (not that it's all that regular haha) today with a new lens review! It's been awhile since I last reviewed a circle lens, tho I wear them all the time I'm tending to stick to the same ones, so I'm really happy to show you a new lens that looks beautiful on lighter eyes like mine. I received these lenses complimentary from HanaVillage.com, the same place I got my Koji Lash Concierge eyelashes and DollyWink eyeliner! As you can tell they have a big selection of Asian beauty items :)

I had no trouble navigating through their stock of lenses, I personally like to shop by color (though maybe I should look by diameter since I really only want 15mm haha). I could very easily find lenses I liked, and ultimately picked the Geo Xtra Lace in blue. When you are looking through the lenses make sure to click the "Product Info" text to see all the specs of the lens, it's not listed right at the top of the lens page.

natural light

I have used Geo Lenses plenty of times in the past so I know they are a respected brand, and the quality is there. HanaVillage.com offers authentic Geo lenses so you can feel safe putting these lenses on your eye. I noticed the water content is about average, a bit lower then some lenses I used but the overall comfort level is quite good. I didn't have any irritation problems, even when I wore the lenses in an animal shelter haha. I did notice a slight misprinting on the inside of the lens, under the black outer ring there was some blue smudged. I was surprised as I've never seen this before but it did not effect the look of the lens at all.

The design is very lovely because the blue of the iris is very light and not a strong pattern so it blends very nicely with your own eye color. There are some points of black in the iris to break it up but nothing strong or unnatural. There is a very thick outer ring though, its very bold. It creates a very nice enlargement but on lighter eyes you may find the outer ring too unnatural if you want a more sweet look.

Speaking on enlargement, these lenses give the perfect dolly eye with their 15mm diameter. I was very happy with how these made my eyes appear and they are so comfy to wear. These lenses fall somewhere in the middle on natural-unnatural look so this may be the perfect balance for someone who wants big obvious doll eyes but not a strong pattern/color. Overall I'm really happy, though I'm tending towards more natural lenses now, if the outer ring was a dark blue or a little thinner these would be perfect to me.

Also I'm very happy with HanaVillage's selection of items, they have tons of eyelashes, cosmetics and circle lenses - everything you need to create a very dolly look. Besides beauty products they have the super popular Instax cameras and film. HanaVillage has great customer service, they reply super quick to inquires and they have Free Shipping, which I know is really a big selling point for a lot of people. They also have a great return policy if the item you order doesn't work out. For me personally that is an important feature.
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