* Sponsor Review * Born Pretty Magic Shimmer eye shadow palette #2

Hi there, another review back to back! I hope you don't mind I am doing more reviews lately, I am always googling reviews before I purchase something so hopefully what I am writing will be of use to others! Recently I had the opportunity to review a couple of products from Born Pretty Store. I have heard of them before and was always impressed by the low prices, but also being the cynic I am I was wondering if items so low priced can be good value as well. So I'm really glad I am able to try them out for myself and report back to you!

One of the items I picked was this 6 metallic shades eyeshadow palette. Born Pretty has many different eyeshadow palettes to choose from so it's hard to pick unless you have something specific in mind beforehand haha! I decided on this particular palette due to the amount of shadows, the packaging and lovely neutral colors. The colorway I wanted originally was sold out so these colors were my second choice. This palette consists of brown tones with 2 nice highlight colors so you can create natural and sweet looks with it.

Sorry about the goose bumps, I'm always cold haha (Shades in the same order as in the palette)
As you can see in the swatch there is a good variety of light and dark colors, very versatile for combining and blending. Sorry that my arm is extremely white so the high-light colors don't appear well in the photo, but below you can see they do show up clearly when applied to your eye. I found it a bit difficult to build the colors up enough to for the swatches, but they are very easy to work with and apply very nicely. Not chalky or gritty at all.

When applying to my eye I also felt a lot of ease using these eye shadows, all the shades went on smoothly. There wasn't any fall out when I applied, and really only a spot or two as the day wore on so I was very satisfied with the application. And the payout was much better than I expected as well! For this price, typical drugstore palettes I've used have been dry with very little color payout, but I didn't have to build these up very much to have rich shades. In fact I was really surprised how much color I got, I didn't even need to use the black shade!

natural light
I was also worried that this palette may irritate my eye as it has mineral pieces to create the shiney luster/metallic color and is low cost. But I wore this eyeshadow all day and felt no itchiness or irritation. It was very easy and comfortable!

Overall this eye shadow is very good quality, especially when you consider the price point. I have a Lorac Palette I use normally with similar shades but this palette had more payout for 1/3 the price! My only negative point was the case was dirty - some smudges from loose eye shadow on it. And it's very difficult to open the case as well. But, I would recommend this palette for sure, it's a much better use of your money than a drug store eyeshadow.

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