Coordinate Post! October outfits compilation

Hi everyone! It's already a ways into November now, but for me it feels totally like December because we have had out first snow here and it's sticking around. I was not ready at all to deal with snow, and clothing wise I'm so limited now! It makes me wish I had felt better and done more outfits during the perfect season, Autumn. The decent weather is so fleeting here, how do I forget that every year? Haha, anyhow, at least I have a few autumn looks I'm happy with to share with you. In regards to my taste and styling I am paying a lot of attention to Larme magazine (so glad the next one will be out soon!) and Risa Nakamura's personal outfits. She has fab taste!

top: Lillilly
bustier: Elvris
skirt: Target
shoes: Mojo Moxy

top: Swankiss
skirt: Swankiss
earrings: Handmade
shoes: Steve Madden

onepiece: Risa Nakamura x Swankiss
shoes: Mojo Moxy
I'm really quite pleased with how all of these turned out, and also that the dress in the last outfit fits me haha! I'm always worried about Japanese clothes that are fitted, but it is interesting to note that it was made to be below knee and it doesn't quite reach that on me haha! I guess even though it's so frigid outside, I'll make outfits however I please. I mean because realistically here, if I go outside I have to put on a insulated coat, knitted hat, thermo gloves and sometimes snow boots so any outfit would be totally covered up anyhow haha. How's the weather going in your town?

Also, these are the first photos I've taken in my new apartment in my "photo taking corner", I really like the party curtains as a backdrop but I still need a nice rug as the carpeting shows up this dirty tan/brown color. I'm going to make another area for photos with changable fabric backdrops so that will be lots of fun for picture taking.
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