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Hello everyone, it became November so quickly! Now we are in full christmas swing already in America, companies want to get to make those profits so we are all inundated with holiday ads, decorations and food since (well technically before) Halloween. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I think corporations making it last two months really takes some of the magic and speciality out of it. But today's post we'll go a little back in time to my second favorite holiday, Halloween, to show you my costume for the day and review the lenses I wore to complete the transformation.

I received an offer from PinkyParadise.com to review a pair of lenses with a Halloween theme, meaning to match your lenses with a costume. I knew I was going to be Sleeping Beauty again this year, since my mom upgraded my costume a lot, and for Sleeping Beauty subtle but very big and sweet lenses were required. Disney's Sleeping Beauty has dark purple eyes, however I decided to pick lenses that would blend with my natural eye color best to achieve the most natural look possible. After much looking around I picked the Vassen Jewel lens in Grey.

Without Flash
With Flash

Initially I was very drawn to this lens by it's design, the outer ring has a kinda "fuzzy" pattern, with breakups to make it appear softer and natural. I hadn't seen a lens quite like that before, it was nice to have a defined outer ring to create the look of enlargement but not one that is thick or very opaque. As well in the design the pattern and color looked like it would as good on my light eyes as the model's dark eyes. And they certainly lived up to my expectations when worn, they look very natural. There's no obvious transition from the lens to my own eye.

This lens is available in two diameters, another unique thing I hadn't come across before. Make sure to specific the diameter you want when checking out! I picked 15mm apposed to 14,5mm because I have naturally "wide eyes" I mean I often look shocked in photos cause there's a lot of white showing, so I prefer 15mm to fill that up. But it's nice to have both diameters in such a beautiful lens. 14.5mm is a less dolly eye size, and some people feel more comfortable with it (vice versa). I found the 15mm for me to be perfect, I got a very large sweet look which is perfect for Sleeping Beauty's youth and beauty.

The comfort level was ok in my opinion, the water content of the lenses is pretty good and Vassen is a good brand I've had many positive experiences with in the past. I didn't have any major irritations or discomfort with the lenses, but I was pretty aware of them all day. I felt like I needed to apply eye drops fairly often. Overall I was able to wear the lenses for 6 hours before I wanted to take them off, perfect amount of time for a party or outing with friends.

I was very happy with these lenses, it was worthwhile to look at so many lenses before choosing these. Many times when I get lenses I think "Oh these are nice, they'll be fun to wear until another pair comes" but rarely do I think about repurchasing a lens after expiration. However with the Vassen Jewel lenses, I do believe I will continue to purchase and wear them as staples. They achieve the kind of look I'm going for with my eye makeup, and I know they would suit many eye colors so I'd certainly recommend them.

Pinky Paradise is a very well known lens and cosmetic dealer, so you can be sure you are getting authentic and quality products. They often have deals or little discounts so keep your eyes open. My lenses took some time to arrive, but my friends report much faster shipping time haha. Make sure to check them out!

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