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Hello everyone, no I didn't stop blogging again! I'm just going through a down patch in my life, nothing in particular is going badly, but I have to purpose in life so it leads to a bit of ennui. I don't know what to do or say and that goes for writing on the old blog as well. I would like to change as much about myself as possible but I'm not sure what I want to change into. I want to find something that makes me outstanding, shining. We all have something shining within us, some know intrinsically how to let it out, other's like me need to find the way!

So as I try to find a new way in life, I'll stop being so quiet here. Like I said I don't have much of a voice at the moment, but I'm still going out a bit and enjoying things around my town. Luckily my photos can speak for me instead. Autumn is so many peoples favorite season, how everything seems so vivid and focused, very distant and encompassing, just before it fades away into the somber lulls of winter. I love all seasons (only the early part of winter) and Autumn is my favorite as well, the world seems so easy to grasp. You can't catch the atmosphere of autumn with a camera, but everything becomes a lovely subject none the less. Hopefully you have experienced a lot of autumnal bliss yourself already, if not here is my piece.

It's quite a bit of photos, I want to make my posts a bit more geared towards my photos and a little less writing. I always have plenty of pictures to choose from when posting about Japan, but when it comes to my daily live and fashion it's really lacking. I'm not sure how moving towards a more image heavy look will be received, but I feel it's the right direction to go. The last photo here btw is taken out my apartment window, it's just one of the many spectacular sunset photos I have captured here.
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