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Hello again everyone! I have returned to Minnesota, my arrival was on Saturday so I've had a couple days to get settled back in, actually now that I type that I realize how quickly the past few days have gone! I suppose it's because it's the holiday season so there's always a lot to do. Further more I received a job offer yesterday finally (after 3 months of job hunting)  and they've been having me do a lot of paper work and such. The thought of working full-time again makes me sick, but the thought of money makes my wardrobe really haha! I will be able to afford my dream clothes but will have no time to wear them. That is the horror of adult life D:

So I had better post my outfits while the getting's good, actually I hope I'll be better at dressing up when I'm working. As long as I don't let myself be lazy, I tend to be more productive when I'm under a time crunch. There's a lot I want to accomplish in 2015 (that I didn't start this year) so many the thing I should learn right now is time management haha. My outfits lately have been improving and I'm studying Larme and my fave models' blogs dutifully, so I feel more confident with my style than I have since I first started gyaru. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this look!

knit: no brand
top: thrift
skirt: handmade
shoes: ASOS
I really love this skirt my mom made me, it's easy to wear and matches a lot of things, but I have been feeling self conscious about shorter skirts lately. Maybe it's because midi skirts are so popular at the moment? Anyhow, I plan to get a longer gingham skirt with a larger print, I'm just not sure if I should go for a full or a pencil cut :D This skirt was featured a few times in Larme 013 so it's been the one I'm keeping my eye on. Luckily soon I'll actually be able to buy it!

Up next I will be making a hair accessory review for Yesstyle, and then I will do a write up for my Disney World vacation last week. It was very crowded there this time, much more people than expected so it was difficult to see and do everything we wanted. But I still have lots of cute pictures to share!
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