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Good evening again friends! I feel very excited to be blogging two days in a row, it feels like the old days. I'm the kind of person that lives in the past so I have to actively remind myself that the past only exists in memories haha. Still those memories serve as reminders of my potential, it's hard to make myself do the things I want. Just have to keep hyping myself up, because I'm always happy with the results :D Like today's review: I am really pleased with how the photos turned out, how it all looks, so I hope you'll enjoy it as well!

Yesstyle approached me again this autumn to produce a review for the accessory brand they carry called soo n soo. It's a brand from South Korea producing very adorable and trendy hair pieces and jewelry. I was very excited to work with them on this review as it's been some time since I reviewed a fashion accessory, and soo n soo has some very wonderful items to choose from (check the end of the post for more of my favorites!) Though it was a very difficult decision, I picked out the Chiffon bow hair clip because I always love this type of ribbon on other girls, and it fits many different looks :)

The hair clip arrived to me in wonderful condition, it was very well packed in double layered bubble wrap. The shipping time was around 2 weeks, perhaps a little over, which is not a long time coming from Asia but I always get antsy in that time frame. When I first removed the ribbon from the packaging I was very happy with the overall quality - there were no snags on it already, and all the loops and pieces laid perfectly symmetrical.

Chiffon is a beautiful light weight fabric so it doesn't pull the hair at all, and the fabric falls very gracefully. As you can see in the close-ups the material is very well woven and soft, showing that it is good quality.  Inside over the clip's base there is a "handmade" label glued on, care was taken with this hair ribbon as everything is in place and even. The clip itself is very large sized so you can really clip back a good amount of hair. Even with my thick Lockshop wig on, I had no problems holding the wefts in place with this ribbon!

This ribbon comes in 5 beautiful colors, I particularly like the ivory and black colors also, it was so hard just to pick one. After wearing this ribbon, I wouldn't mind having two more! I think it would go well with lots of different styles, this pink color can be both cutesy or elegant depending how you wear it. I really recommend this product, I think the price is just right for the quality and it's much better than similar ribbons I've seen in fast fashion shops. Make sure to check out Yesstyle for super cute fashion from all over Asia - including Japanese brands!

Soo n soo makes so many other cute accessories, so I thought I'd share my other favorites!


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