Celebrating Christmas at Disney World 2014

Good evening everyone! It's Christmas Eve eve, we are getting really close now huh? It's rather exciting but also not at the same time, when you're a kid Christmas is the height of excitement (for those who celebrate it) but as you get older the feeling gets harder to describe, it's still magical but also stressful, tiring and routine. It takes a bit of extra effort to capture that christmas feeling as an adult, but I believe it's possible. I can't say this year is feeling particularly magical, but it's much more enjoyable than last year. And what is a main contributing factor to that - it's my first travel in 2 years, my trip to Disney World in Florida.

We stayed at a Royal Princess room in Port Orleans, so cute
The resort we stayed at Port Orleans
Long time readers of my blog will know that along with Japan, my most frequented travel spot is Disney world. I like Disney movies and characters, and my mom is a big fan of Disney so we had been visiting a Disney park at least once a year for several years there, last year was the first year we skipped. We missed out on tickets in time for Halloween, so we decided it would be fun to go again at the holiday time and get the special "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party" tickets. I was really happy for the chance to get away from my tiring and small life for a bit!

Sadly it seems that we bring the Minnesota weather with us when we head to Florida in winter-time haha, two weeks ago is was colder and windier than usual in Orlando and now it seems to be back to average warmth haha. But still there was green plants and sometimes blue skies around, it was just hard to stand in 57 degree weather all day/night! One thing that was different from our last Disney christmas vacation was the crowds, this time was immensely more crowded than last time, so much so that I can't recommend spending money on the Christmas Party, it's just too packed to be fun.

That isn't saying it wasn't cute! Disney World is even more pretty and cute during the holiday season, and there are extra shows/exhibits to take in. We made a rounds of the resorts this trip, and were able to see a lot of different decorations as each hotel had their own themed trees and such. Particularly the Contemporary had a huge Frozen display made of ginger bread, and the Grand Floridian had an even bigger ginger bread house. All of that will certainly put a smile on your face!

Frozen gingerbread display at the Contemporary
Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian

The Grand Floridian
Speaking of Frozen, it was everywhere as expected (actually it was not as bad as thought it might be tho) They added a show, characters in parades/to meet and a snow play area. It's all a bit quickly added in but I'm sure they wanted to take advantage of the frenzy. The snow play area is really just a room with a fenced off block of loose ice but it is probably fun for kids who've never seen snow.

The main even was the Very Merry Christmas Party, but it didn't turn out to be the funnest thing. It was really hard to see anything due to the amounts of people, lines were just as long as during normal hours. The best part was going to get tons of free cookies (we took home 2 gallon size bags!) The parade was very cute, and the fireworks were the best I've seen but otherwise I'd recommend passing. I didn't have great luck on the trip, lost a necklace, my camera lens cap etc. But like I said before I was glad to travel, and hopefully my photos helped bring you some Christmas spirit!
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