Christmas haul, the last of 2014!

Hello friends! How did your Christmas (if you celebrate it) wrap up? For me the holiday season passed by super quickly, I know the exact reasons firstly Thanksgiving was later than usual, I was vacationing for a week, and every year you get older the less exciting and suspenseful it is haha. Regardless I hope it was a very lovely and warm holiday season for you, with lots of new fond memories. Like I said it was a quick Christmas but it was basically pleasant and went smoothly.

I was especially excited about the gifts I got for people, it's always hard to shop for other's I think - my goal is to find gifts that are not only fun and wanted by the receiver but something they will actually use. I really don't want to give anyone something they will feel compelled to keep but never like/use haha. Hopefully my loved ones liked what I got them as much as I felt they would because they got me such useful and cute things in return! I received so many awesome things I can't help but share it all in this post!

Fandom type gifts - I typically get some toys and small nerdy trinkets as that's a pretty safe thing to get me I'd say haha. I collect Monster High dolls so I was able to get 4 of the new characters. The Disney shirt suits me especially as it has the 2 princesses I have cosplayed and my favorite Ariel haha.

Make up and Cosmetics - I asked for the Naked3 palette as I don't have any rosy type of eye shadows, and some brushes to apply them. The Hado Labo is my favorite brand of face creams and I do recommend them highly they work very well for the price point! Everything else was a surprise, I think all the cute little bath things are so fun.

Electronics and useful gifts - This sewing kit was from my mom, it's so amazing! Now I don't have to go and pilfer supplies from her sewing room anymore, maybe it's like a gift for both of us haha. The tablet was a free gift from our service provider, it's what you'd expect for free but it's proving nice for playing games :D The small thing in the middle is a remote for my camera, I'm going to the next level with my pics!

Fashion gifts - These are especially wonderful, new items to expand my Larme-kei wardrobe, I picked out more black items than I have in a couple years it will help balance out all the light pastel colors I already have haha. The marabou shoes from the top picture reminded me of the ones from Katie's spring 15 collection, which I would get if I had small feet :D I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of these items in the coming weeks in outfit posts.

These all came from several people, including myself. When you're out and about in shopping mode you end up seeing so many items that you'd like too haha, I have a new job coming up next week so the gifts to myself were kinda also congratulations gifts :D Not particularly excited to be working soon, but my bank account will enjoy it at least. I'm sad that Christmas is over now, sad! But luckily I have Valentine's to look forward to :) Did you get some nice/thoughtful gifts this year?
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