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Happy Sunday everyone, how are you? I've been silent again lately, at least this time it's because I have started a new job and I'm having a hard time adjusting to working again. I'd really rather avoid working (at least in the regular corporate world) but as this post will show you need money to the things you think are cute haha. Starting this week tho, I won't have to commute anymore and that will give my back 2 hours everyday that I was wasting in traffic last week. I'm not sure how much time/chances I'll have to dress up anymore but I really don't have any excuses to blog as little as I do haha.

Well to the meat of this entry - Katie just released their lookbook for the Spring Summer 2015 season yesterday and of course it's like a high light of my weekend haha. I really loved the AW14 lookbook, and the same goes for this upcoming season. It's disgustingly cold and snowy here presently but I'm thinking about my spring wardrobe a bit (not sure why, as even when I'll have time to dress up I'll have no place to go haha). The Katie lookbook offers a lot of great inspiration, and features several themes. They are focused on pink, beige, black, and lavender.

They are bringing back the boater hat which was a big trend a few years ago (spring 2011 was it?) I didn't care for it then and I don't care for it now, but for those who jumped on it previously here's a chance to dust them off :D The outfits above are my personal favorites, but there's many more pieces that caught my eye, I just wasn't drawn in by the styling. I would say my "must have" items would be the: lavender dress, white garter skirt and the printed set up. Sadly or perhaps safely for my wallet many of Katie's items don't make it to their webshop.

The accessories they are bringing out this next season are really adorable too, they follow with Katie's look very well while bringing some new elements. I already bought some marabou mules (not Katie's version tho because I have big feet haha) and wouldn't mind getting a second pair in white. The T-strap shoes are a very cute take, with a thicker strap and almond toe. The bags they are coming out with are lovely, the color and embellishments are spot on.

Have you checked out the Katie SS15 lookbook already? What items would you add to your wardrobe or what trends are you particularly excited about? I really like the knee length skirt trend myself, it makes shopping for skirts a lot easier for me as a tall woman :D
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