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Good evening everyone! I am blogging after a long boring day of training, so I feel quite proud of myself. I do have to enjoy this training time however, because once I start working I think I will be quite stressed, overall I'd rather be bored than stressed out haha. But I am glad to be blogging again and I will make my best effort to stay productive and not fall prey to ennui :D This evening I am bringing you a new review, Born Pretty kindly approached me again to review some of their items and I believe I picked out some cute ones you'll enjoy seeing!

What attracted me initially to this Lip Tint was the packaging, the super cute panda and pink coloring really caught my eye. Although it's what's inside what counts in regards to cosmetics, I appreciate when makers put effort into making the packing appealing as well. This lip tint is available in 8 trendy and flattering colors, ranging from pink, beige and berry tones, so you'll be able to pick a shade that suits you. I chose color #5 because I know darker blue tone shades look nice with my skin, Here is the official description from the Born Pretty site:

Special crystal embellish formula, make your lips become crystal glorious, lasting glossy. It is very comfortable, the effect is sexy and rich levels. It will activate the lips as gentle as a jade, and send out the vanilla flavor. It can nourish smooth full real your lips, make it seems more health and crystal and moist . This product also contains vitamin E to play a better protection effect.

This Lip Tint is a light weight formula, it applies so smoothly and easily to the lips. It's very soft but at the same time it's not sticky at all. What I dislike about many lipsticks and glosses is the stickiness, I feel very aware of wearing something on my mouth, but I did not expirence that at all with this product. I was able to build up to my desired opacity by swiping the Lip Tint on three times, with one swipe you get a subtle but glowy color. After applying the Lip Tint I simply dabbed the excess away to make the color even.

The tube itself makes it very easy to use as well, I've seen more brands go with the twist up tube format lately and I can certainly see the reasoning behind it. Born Pretty recommends using a cotton swab or brush to apply this Lip Tint, but it works so easily directly from the tube so you can just throw it in your bag and reapply on the go. Plus all your friends will be jealous of how cute your lipstick is haha!

Overall I'm really satisfied by this lip tint gloss! It is a lot more opaque than I expected and the formula is of very good quality. I think the price is appropriate for what you get, and the packaging really makes it stand out against similarly priced drug store lipsticks.

Make sure to use my code "CZH10" at Born Pretty checkout to receive 10% your order!
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