Coordinate post! All my outfits last month

Hi and good evening! I'm staying on track with blogging, yay, honestly its kinda hard with a fulltime schedule. I guess that's a big part of why I stopped blogging in 2013 besides being so down, I admit I feel jealous of bloggers who don't work. But when I see my bank account increase every week I feel a little better haha. My fashion tastes have gotten more expensive these past couple of months, so besides my bills I also need my fulltime work to feed my hobbies. It's too bad people need to work to buy their hobby items, but then don't have the time to enjoy them!

Anyhow, I did mean to post all these outfits last month as I was wearing them, but time's been going so quicklyv- December was particularly short. I really want to share my outfits so I thought I'd just lump them all together and use just one pic per outfit so it doesn't get too overwhelming. These outfits show off my current taste quite well, I feel like I can finally express my taste as I feel and imagine it. That's a really exciting feeling, so I hope you'll like the looks I'm putting together now as well.

top: Rosarymoon
skirt: Gap
shoes: DIY
knit: no brand
top: lilLilly
skirt: no brand
shoes: ASOS
top: Target
skirt: Missguided
shoes: Ninewest
top: Kriss Soonik
inner: Monlily
skirt: Missguided
shoes: DIY
cardigan: Monlily
skirt: handmade
shoes: Mojo Moxy
top: Titty&co
skirt: Forever21
shoes: Kimchi Blue
 I still need to work on taking my outfit photos, I have a remote now so that makes it a lot easier however the distance between me and the camera is not quite far enough (a wall is in the way) and I can't see a handle of the angles. I'm not sure why but my face gets even more elongated, I'm planning on getting a photo backdrop and maybe that will make figuring out angles and such easier. Well I hope I'll get some time to take more outfit pictures soon, but I'll be doing some really cool reviews in the mean time so stay tuned!
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