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Good evening again friends, how refreshing to write again - I'm really trying to keep up to date this time hehe. I'm really tired from a long work day but I am excited to share with you all the great reviews I am sitting on. Today's review is a bit different than my usual cosmetics or fashion items but no less cute so I think you'll enjoy it! I was approached by UncommonGoods.com to review some of their unique and lovely products, their assortment is particularly great for gift giving. Check out their gifts for wives, or here for gifts for mom to browse really sweet items that appeal to us ladies!

Besides having a great stock of items I've never seen before, they specialize in handcrafted goods. Many of their items you'll see on UncommonGoods are created by artisans or small businesses, I personally feel supporting entrepreneurs is a very important issue so retailers who stock handmade items especially lovely. They also support non-profit agencies, run workshops and pay their workers a liveable wage.

I ended up choosing an item from the Home Gifts section - a Kisa cat candle which I have seen here and there on social media so I was curious about how it is in real life.The Kisa cat candle comes from the Pyro Pets line created by Thorunn Arnadottir, A feature of the UncommonGoods website I appreciated is the Maker information snipits they give in the item descriptions, it's great to know a bit about the person who has created the items.

Thorunn's style and taste really show through with her Kisa cat candle, the design is very clean with it's angular plains in soft white or pink wax. But once you burn the candle you reveal a metal cat skeleton underneath. It's a very clever and cheeky element that makes this candle stand out against others out there! Even after you have used up the candle you still have a cute metal sculpture to display on your shelf. Take a look at the video below to see how the candle works!

I think this candle is really cute either way - melted or solid, but I plan on not burning it simply because I love the pink color haha. I really love how simple the candle looks, but it has such a cute feeling. Like adult cute. It's molded very well, I didn't find any air bubbles, and it's very solid in the hand. UncommonGoods packaged it amazingly as well, secured tightly in a large box with lots of bubblepack the Kisa cat arrived to me without even one ding in it.

It's such a cute candle!
Overall I'm extremely pleased by the Kisa cat candle, it looks really beautiful on my vanity table and it could work in a wide variety of interior decor. I would certainly give it as a gift to any of my girlfriends! And if I had to buy for a man in my life Uncommon goods carries gifts for husbands here as well, or personalized gifts for everyone. Their service was good, they always replied to me and the shipping was super fast.
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