Curl Up Cafe, a curly kitty cafe!

Good evening everyone, this post got delayed a day or two but after another full week of working by friday night I was like "nope, I'm not doing anything!" That mentality extended into Saturday, then today... But, I figured, I shall recoup no more and get down to business haha! It's been sometime since I last wrote about Japan, what a shame cause it's fun for me to share my experience and hopefully lead people to exploring new places in Tokyo. On the other hand it's also good that I'm stretching it out as I keep hoping I'll go back and get some new blog fodder... we'll see!

Inside Curl Up Cafe
Without any more introduction, let's get into it. Today I am going to introduce a new Cat Cafe I visited during my 8th trip to Japan, I've written about some other more well known cafes before. However, Curl Up Cafe is not a chain or as well known, maybe a bit off the beaten track but certainly worth the train fare with its atmosphere and charming kitty stars!

My friend booked tickets for us to visit Curl Up Cafe, and I was very excited naturally as I love cat cafes and seeing new places. This cafe in particular is a bit smaller than others I have been two and lists it's occupancy at just 8 people. Which you will understand when you get there as the interaction room (there's a waiting room in the front where you can just sit and have a drink) is close quarters and more than 8 people would make it hard to relax/play with the cats. If you want to make sure of your spot, call ahead and make a reservation. They are closed mondays.

I had an iced tea and my friend had a strawberry yogurt drink

The 90 minute course, including one drink is 1620Y which I find to be quite reasonable. They will also give you a small cookie or biscuit with your drink! Like I mentioned the atmosphere is very lovely, the decor reflects the owners tastes well while still being airy and modern. It has more of a cafe feel than other cat cafes I've been to, which can feel more like just a recreation room sometimes. It was a bit tight for me with my shyness, but you can grab a corner there are plenty of cats to go around!

One of the unique features of Curl Up Cafe are it's signature LaPerm cats. This type of cat has a very curly and luxurious coats, so you will enjoy petting them. Furthermore, the owner has shown her cats and they are award winners! Most cats you see in cat cafes are pure breeds, but how often do you interact with show cats haha :D

I found some of the cats to be much more active than the usual cat cafe kitties, and some were laying about as normal. Luckily a couple of cats I actually played with and it was very fun for me to interact with a cat a lot. However some cats in the cafe were not interested in interactions and I heard a lot of hissing or growling, so just make sure not approach a cat who warns you or stick to just taking pictures!

Overall I really enjoyed Curl Up cafe, I hope they will get more attention from tourists. It's not a central spot like some others, but you will be very happy you took the extra time heading over there!

Meguro-ku, Tokyo Haramachi 1-chome 7-4
Take the Tokyu Meguro line to Nishikoyama station, It's about a 1-2 minute walk from the station. MAP
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