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Hi again friends! I'm posting two days in a row, that's even more surprising than me posting regularly haha, but I will be working until nighttime tomorrow and I know myself well enough to know I will never bring myself to blog after a long evening of working haha. I think you won't mind reading this review a day ahead of time however since it's a super cute one. From the title you already know it's about one of my favorite Japanese characters ever - Korilakkuma the little partner to the relax bear Rilakkuma.

I was approached by Yesstyle with the opportunity to review some products from their Iswas series, and even amongst all the amazingly cute products this Korilakkuma product stood out to me! Iswas is a lifestyle goods brand from South Korea, meaning they offer a wide variety of items that you utilize in daily life. They have pouches, pencils, notebooks, utensils, pillows, slippers etc all with a touch of whimsy and cuteness! They also have tie ins with characters, Rilakkuma being just one of them. Make sure to look over the Iswas product page to discover more adorable goodies.

When I first saw this Korilakkuma hooded blanket, I thought it would be a perfect item for me haha. One because it's at the top of my list of beloved characters, and two because I keep the heat quite low in my apartment to save money haha! Which means I usually need a blanket covering me to stay comfortable. How great is a hooded blanket then? It covers your body and head, the place where most of your heat escapes so this blanket will keep you extra cozy :D

As I opened the blanket I was immediately impressed with the quality of the construction, Korilakkuma's face is all in order and easily recognizable. The pink trimming runs along every edge of the blanket and is very even, plus it even has Korilakkuma's little red button to help secure the blanket in place around your shoulders. That's a very handy feature as you can move around, do your chores etc, without worrying about it dropping off and you freezing (well probably you won't freeze unless you keep it cold like me haha!)

The material isn't super luxurious, but it is soft and traps body heat well. One thing I did notice was a strong plastic smell to the blanket, so I recommend taking it out of the package promptly and airing it out a couple days before you plan to wear it. Yesstyle also recommends laying the blanket across your lap and using the hood part as a hand warmer, that sounds really smart to me so I'll be using that tip myself! I read a couple other people stating they found the blanket small, I found no problem wearing the hood even with a wig as you can see.

It could also be a quick costume :D

I expected to like this hoodie blanket, and I was not disappointed! It's very cute to look at and wear, it keeps you properly warm and looks nice draped on your sofa when not in use. I also forsee this as a great item for days you feel like looking cute but are feeling too lazy to get dressed up haha :D

Once again, I want to say that I've only had positive experiences with Yesstyle, they always answer me promptly and explain thoroughly. They pack the items very securely and safely, shipping takes just as long as you would expect coming from Asia, but it's not slow. Check out these items to complete your comfy night in!

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