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Hello all, I fell off track for a bit there again. My work schedule is just a true nightmare, like yesterday I had a 10 hour shift, why should I have a 10 hour shift when I work 5 days a week? Suffice to say my personal time is barely existent haha. I'm thinking about my next move so I can have more time for my real life, but I'm at the point where I have to be really careful about my job moves. So I'll keep trying to blog as much as I can, but it's just not something I can do often anymore.

Anyhow, today I'm bringing you a new lens review. Lately I've been interested a lot in the natural type of lenses you see in current Japanese fashion magazines, they are almost so natural you can't tell they are there! So when Lens Village approached me to review one of their lenses, I thought I would try a very natural one myself. After a bit of browsing I picked the ICK T-1 lens. I had never heard of the brand before but it looked very stunning!

natural light

one lens in
At first Lens Village replied to me a few days later that they were out of stock of this lens, I was disappointed as I couldn't tell that from the website but picked another ICK brand lens anyway. However what arrived at my door was the T-1 lens afterall, so I guess there was some communication error on their end. I'm happy to have the lens I originally wanted but the mix up was not the best experience.

The first thing I noticed about the lens when I opened them up was the diameter. It's listed as 15mm, however that is just the actual size of the lens the printing on it is much smaller. I would say the actual diameter is around 13.8 to 14mm so don't expect to get much enlargement from these circle lenses. That might be a selling point for some - the natural design with a more manageable diameter creates a very soft lens. However I was excited to find such a natural pattern with a large diameter. This lens does not create a dolly eye so for me that was a detractor.

However, I really do love the design! The color of the grey is very soft and opaque so it makes a light color on any iris. There aren't many tones in the graphic but there is a lot of break up which makes it blend very easily with your own eyes. I found this design to be very close to my own eyes, but more sweet and airy. It's like my eyes but more soft and beautiful :D

As for comfort during wearing them, I found them to be about average meaning I could wear them for the bulk of the day without much irritation. I only needed to re-wet my eyes twice or so. Make sure you don't wear circle lenses more than 8 hours a day, and keep a lens kit with you! I had no trouble getting these in either, though they might as well cut down the lens and make it a 14mm overall.

I liked these lenses, and I found them to be a very wearable and trendy lens! You can see lots of models in Larme, Popteen etc wearing this sort of smaller softer design so why not try it yourself! As I have wide eyes I think 15mm suits me best, but I would try other lenses from the ICK brand. Lens Village kept open communication with me, and the shipping time was good, the item arrived promptly. They have twice now told me the items they have initially offered me are out of stock, so be aware of that before making your purchase.
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