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Hi everyone, finally I have a day off and actually I have 2 in a row, what a relief. My current job is really stressing me out, and I miss out on so much because of it. I'm still trying to keep my blog going, so I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my entries though they come along irregularly haha. I also hope everyone is happy to read my reviews, they are becoming a larger portion of my posts and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I always try to review items I think you'll like to learn more about, and hopefully if you're like me you are into skin care!

I was approached by UncommonGoods.com to review some of their unique and lovely products, their assortment is particularly great for gift giving. Check out their gifts for wives, or here for gifts for mom to browse really sweet items that appeal to us ladies! Many of their items you'll see on UncommonGoods are created by artisans or small businesses, which I feel supporting is a priority. Their hand crafted items not only cover decor and jewelry, but beauty products as well. One thing I have been more concerned with over the last year or so is the condition of my skin, When I saw they offered this really neat trio of face masks that are 99% natural, I knew right away I would love to try them myself.

The Breakfast For Your Face masks are made of natural ingredients you might find in your own panty! They are in powder form and come smartly packaged in spice bottles. What is great about the powdered consistency of these masks is they have a longer shelf life then some other natural masks I have seen out there (12-18 months once opened). They are produced here in the USA by the small business Rinse, which makes a range of bath and soap products.

Everything comes packaged well in a sturdy cardboard box, inside that is a cotton drawstring bag containing the three masks and a business card. All the information you'll need about the masks is printed right on the labels. The ingredient lists are so short! The instructions are simple and easy to follow - just use 1 tsp of the mask powder and mix with your liquid of choice to make into a paste. They suggest milk, cream, olive oil, honey, tomato juice etc depending on your skin type.

I have used honey and milk when making my masks and find the texture to turn out very easy to work with and smoothing. Honey, olive oil and milk are all very high in nutrients and well known to be great for skin.

The Oatbrasion mask works very well at exfoliating and revealing softer skin, the small pieces of pumice can be a bit rough so I made sure not to rub it on my face too much. My face felt especially clean after this mask!

The Cafe Mocha mask smells so amazing! You won't want to wash it off haha. It really does de-puff your skin and it has a cooling effect on the skin.

The Yogurt mask is great now during these winter months, when the cold air dries out your face. Using this mask made my skin softer, and took care of patchiness.

Cafe Mocha mask, made with milk. You can see there are actual pieces of espresso beans in there!
Overall I was very pleased by these masks, the packaging was endearing and the powdered form is easy to work with. Also as you only use 1 tsp with each mask, the bottles last a long time so you get a great value for the price. I like how they are customizable and address common issues everyone experiences. My only complaint is that a teaspoon can't fit into the opening on the bottle so it can be a little messy measuring them out. But they are natural, smell great, and support a small business.

These masks are sold exclusively at UncommonGoods, so make sure to check out their website. They ship quickly, and package very very well. I have enjoyed their service, and it's fun to browse all the unique gifts they sell. Uncommon goods also carries gifts for husbands here as well, or personalized gifts for everyone.
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