* Sponsor Review * Born Pretty brown false eyelash #HW-47

Hello everyone! Pardon my absence as usual, my current job is really one of the most tiring I've ever had so I'm in the process of trying to find something more suitable for my lifestyle, mental health and goals. It's particularly hard when no one will even let me get to the interview even haha. I'm only able to write this post now because I took the day off, I'm really glad I did because I feel so calm for once. Furthermore I've wanted to share these lashes with you for awhile now because they are just so beautiful and perfect for larme-kei makeup!

When BornPrettystore.com approached me to review some of their items, this product stood out to me immediately. Japanese makeup is trending away from bold false eyelashes: towards brown, or natural false lashes, eyelash extensions and even just mascara. I've seen many of my favorite models using brown eyelashes from some of my favorite eyelash brands, and never having used brown eyelashes myself I thought this was the right time to try them out!

These particular eyelashes are handmade (though I cannot really imagine being dexterous enough to make these little lashes all by hand!) out of synthetic fibers. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful and unique design of these eyelashes, they are not dense and have a criss cross pattern which results in a very soft and natural appearance when worn! They create a sweet dolly look, and would flatter all eyes with their design. The fibers are also rather long, but since they are not thick even with the length they look natural.

Another great point of these eyelashes is their lack of shininess. I did not find any shine to them even when I took photos using flash, they are very matte. The fibers are also very soft and comfortable to wear. The band is flexible and super easy to apply, they shape to your eyelid easily. I am having a hard time finding any negative points to the #HW-14 eyelashes, they meet or exceed all of my expectations :)

For the price of 3.74$ you'll have a hard time finding another type of eyelashes that are as trendy and well made as these. They are on par with lashes 4x the cost, and even better than some brand name. There are several other eyelashes in this series which look equally lovely, and Born Pretty has a ton of brown eyelashes if this design doesn't catch your eye.

My experiences with BornPrettyStore.com have all been positive so far, they carry a very large selection of cosmetics from China which are very comparable to local drug store brands quality and price wise. They are always prompt in replying to me and shipping times are good considering the distance. The packaging is very secure. I will certainly repurchase these eyelashes again when I run out, they are really lovely!

Make sure to use code CHZ10 at checkout to get 10% off your order!

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