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Hi friends! How are you. I feel like I can start every blog post complaining about my job and life, then excusing myself from not blogging haha. Those facts remain true, but it's starting to become obvious I won't be able to quit this job for some time so I just have to find some way to cope with the stress and physical pain. I generally work 2nd shift, if you have ever worked fulltime you know that's the worst, so I only have a couple free hours a day. I'm going to start making lists for myself so I can get at least a couple things done a week haha! I'm counting this post as one accomplishment for this week!

Anywho I was approached by KpopLens.com to review one of their house brand circle lenses, they offered me the Bunny Color in brown lens and I was happy to try a new brown lens as it's been a couple years. What struck me immediately about the lens as I was browsing the product page was the lovely design. Kpop Lens sent me the lenses at the very end of January, and they arrived to me about 2.5 weeks later. The packaging was very nice and secure, with the lenses and a kit in a cute little box.

natural light

One lens in
Again, when I opened up the little bottles and took out the lenses I was taken with the beautiful natural design. There is a obvious outer ring, but it is blended with the body of the lens. There are several tones in the graphic producing a very soft and realistic lens. You can easily wear these lenses in the day time, and they will go very well with sweet gyaru, Larme-kei, and the trend toward softer makeup.

While the diameter of the Bunny Color lenses is only 14mm, they appear much larger and have more enlargement than you'd expect! I have lenses with wider diameter that don't have the same enlargement as these ones do. I think this is due to the printing, which looks like it goes right up to the very edge of the lens. So in my mind you are getting a great value with this lens. Of course being a brown lens it doesn't blend with my light eyes, but for a brown lens this one looks pretty good on me! And it looks so sweet and pretty on brown eyes.

I was able to wear these for several hours, I didn't find them irritating or itchy but I did find I needed to re-wet and/or remove them sooner than some other lenses I have. I think they have decent comfort and quality for the price. Just make sure if you are going out and about to bring a lens kit with you so you can remove them after 4 hours or so to keep your eyes in good condition :)

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