Maetel cosplay plus G&G Natural Blue lens review

Good morning friends! I can't keep up with blogging at all, I can't make promises even at this point cause I know I won't be able to follow through. My current job is taking an enormous chunk of my life and health but it's too difficult to find something else so I kinda just have to roll with it for now. Once and a while I get time to do something fun, and this post will show a bit of that! Pinky Paradise announced their Media Diva contest sometime ago and it stuck me as a fun way to do a lens review, so I went about thinking of what I could do to make my usual reviews cooler :D

What I came up with was a quick Maetel cosplay!

Maetel is probably not well known anymore, especially not so in the west here, but she is a character from Leiji Matsumoto's anime titled Galaxy Express 999. And to be frank I don't know that much about her either as it was well before my time/I haven't watched it. But one time I was told I look like Maetel, Leiji draws his women with noses similar to mine haha, and since then I have wanted to cosplay her. Luckily I have just the right hat.

I have seen Maetel drawn with dark eyes and light eyes, being that I am light eyed I decided to go with a lens that would blend with my own eye color while creating a soft, sweet look. Hunting through Pinky Paradise's extensive stock of circle lenses eventually lead me to the G&G Natural Blue Lens and I couldn't be happier.

This circle lens features a blue color design, but the blue is nicely transparent so over light eyes it just enhances blue tones. I have seen a lot of blue lenses that are very opaque, to stand out over dark eyes, but when worn on light eyes look totally fake. So the G&G Natural Blue really has a wonderful design in that it looks lovely on all color eyes. The outer ring of the lens is dark, but not bold. It is a dark grey/blue color so it is not as harsh as a black ring.

While the G&G Natural in blue has a diameter of 14.5mm I found it to be noticeably enlarging, it created a very nice dolly look. The printing on the lens goes well towards the edge of the lens, combined with the overall design you get a lens that makes your eyes look obviously larger but not completely unnatural in appearance. For me this sort of look and enlargement are just right! The lenses were easy to apply as well.

As for comfort, I had a decent experience with them. Unfortunately I did get a piece of glitter in my eye from my eyeliner, and I couldn't flush it out so it was a bit distracting for some time as I wore these lenses.  I was able to wear them for about 4-5 hours before I experienced any irritation. I wetted my eyes and I was able to wear them another hour before I had to take them out. So I would say these have an average comfort level.

Wouldn't it be fun one day if I could complete a Maetel cosplay, all I really need to do is make the coat so it's just a matter of getting some materials together! She has such a willowy appearance and somber expression, I wonder if I could pull it off haha. But I had a fun time putting on a wig and wearing long lashes again, I hope you had as much fun checking out this post :3

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