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Hi everyone, remember me? Haha, yes I still plan to blog from time to time, though blogging seems to have gone the way of geocities and myspace - it's passe. Still I think this format is best for reviews, or travel write ups. I am thinking of doing some more youtube videos, I'm just so not confident that I feel like any video I make would be useless and boring. I guess most peoples' youtubes are useless but they make them anyway, so should I! haha.

Anyhow, now I am saving and planning my next trip to Japan! Yes that's right - Japan Trip 10! I can't wait to see all the things I love again, and explore all the new shops, sites and cafes that have popped up since I was last there. Also I'm excited to wear all my fancy Larme-kei clothing there (and buy all the awesome AW15 items I'm peeping). To complete any larme-kei look you need the right circle lenses, and today I have a perfect pair for you :D

natural light

I was approached by LensVillage.com to join their ambassador program, which allowed me the chance to review these lenses. I know they are one of the older/well known models but I had never tried them before. Based on preview photos I thought they would be too dark for my eyes, but now that I have been able to try them on my own light eyes, I can safely say these circle lenses would flatter anyone!

The color in a lens case appears dark grey with a black outer ring that tends towards the smaller end. There aren't many different colors, just a couple shades of grey, but it has a very natural fade out into the lens part. So when applied to your eye there is a very soft and sweet appearance. I'm not sure how much the grey would be able to lighten dark eyes, as I did notice these darkened my iris a little bit. Overall the design blended with my eyes very well!

one lens in
Despite the fact these lenses are just 14.2mm they have very good enlarging as you may notice in the picture above. I usually tend towards 15mm lenses, but these are as good or better than some large diameter lenses. This is because the printing is all the way up to the edge so you get maximum payoff haha. I felt these did a good job enlarging my eye, making a sweet dolly look without being too large and alien like. I can wear them with lighter makeup and look nice also.

Comfort wise, they are just as you would expect with a big brand like Geo. They are easy to apply to the eye, without much flipping and floating about. Furthermore I was able to wear them over 6 hours without any troubles, I didn't even re-wet though you should always do that periodically. I'm glad these lenses are comfortable and wearable because they are the type I would want to wear daily - they go well with many looks and styles.

I was very satisfied with the Geo Bella in grey lenses, beautiful big and comfy! LensVillage was so prompt in replying to me, making sure my items were correct and got to me in a timely manner. They have so many cute circle lenses and asian cosmetic items to browse thru, they certainly have what you are looking for so make sure to check them out!

Right Now you can save 30% off all ICK circle lenses until May 25th!
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