Larme 018 scans of my favorite pages

Hello everyone, Long time no see. I decided that I would just wait to blog again when I finished working my stressful job. Well, my last day was on Tuesday and a lot has been going on since then. It was a huge relief to be done with that job once and for all, it had gotten so awful by the end many people had quit before me and that made it extremely hectic. But it is still a bit hectic for me now since I am trying to move back into my mom's house while I prepared for my Trip to Tokyo on Saturday :O

I'm not prepared for traveling to Japan at all! I haven't packed, I've barely made an schedule or researched haha. There's just not enough time in a day. But one thing (two things actually) I do know about my upcoming trip is what I want to wear and what I want to buy :) And that is all thanks to my all time favorite magazine - Larme. The newest issue come out on September 17 and I had it preordered so it only took two days to reach me.

Really the joy I feel when I look through Larme is something I rarely feel in daily life. I get excited and inspired, reading Larme just makes me want to make a lot of coordinates and improve my style. It speaks to me with it's girly look with a touch of darkness :D Anyhow, please enjoy the scans I took of my favorite Larme 018 pages.

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