Girly style with Jord Wood Watch review

Hi and good evening friends! Remember me? Yes it's Sara Mari, I live but not as well as I wish I could haha. The past month has brought a lot of change for me, my bf left me, I had to move back home, I quit my job and I had a trip to Japan. So it really was like a 180 and I have to figure out what I want to do now. One thing I have been wanting to do for years now is get back into being fashionable, with new clothes from Japan that shouldn't be a challenge haha.

So today's post will be fashion focused, I am reviewing a very unique and elegant accessory which I don't normally wear - a watch! And what makes it unique is the material, it's a wood watch, like I have never seen before. I have never been much of a watch person, though I do always notice and admire them on others. I think it might stem from having tiny wrists (making it hard to wear watches) and not knowing how to coordinate them with my fashion style.

My goal with this post is to not only review the watch but to show how you can wear it with a Larme kei sweet girly style!

Amongst JORD's lovely wood watch designs I chose the Sidney model in the rose gold color. There are many designs, slim, sporty, bold for both men and women so I think it's not hard to find one that suits your style. I love rose gold and a big reason I picked Sidney in rose gold was to match my iPhone 6s rose gold haha.

Jord wood watch, Sidney in rose gold

What's in my bag?
Besides matching one of my phones, the pink hue of rose gold blends perfectly with my wardrobe. My Larme kei closet is based on black, white and light pink. The light maple wood that the watch is made of is is sturdy but not heavy so it feel quite comfortable on the wrist, and the watch face is so luminous and beautiful. It instantly adds a focal point to any look.

Dealing with Jord was very easy as well, they always replied to my messaged within a couple days with thoroughness. Furthermore, the website is very easy to navigate, and they offer free shipping worldwide. The watches are shipped in a strong wood box, which also look pretty :D and there are instruction cards on setting the watch which are very helpful.

Wood watch  coordinated with a turtleneck, lilLilly wide pants and Risa Nakamura purse!

Overall I am very happy with the watch, it looks great with my phone as I thought, and add elegance to any outfit. I think this wood watch is perfect for work wear, it's so polished it really begs to be worn with a mature outfit. Make sure to check out to find a new unique accessory!

outfit idea

Luxury Wood Watch
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