Haul from my Tokyo Trip Oct. 2015

Hello friends, sorry, I meant to have this posted last week but alas I am in Minnesota and this time of year is notoriously grey and depressing. I don't live in my 3rd floor apartment anymore so my natural lighting is further limited. Suffice to say I had like a 2 hour window to get these pictures taken on one of the few sunny days so far this month haha. Then I had chores and errands over the weekend, so I made it a priority to post these today!

I was really happy on this trip because I had enough money to buy everything I wanted with out having to think "I'd better look but not touch because I have like 10,000Y to my name" haha. I saved a lot of money with accommodation (split the cost with my mom) and ate cheaply by preparing meals at the apartment we rented. Still I have an expensive taste in clothing now so it didn't go super far haha!

Sorry the pics still aren't lovely, tho I did try my best! There are several things I didn't picture - snacks, gifts for others, some plushies and such, the billion magazines I bought. I bought so many Larme back issues to fill in the gaps in my collection :D

Beauty and cosmetics!
I went happy on the eyelinner, lots of drugstore brands I see often in magazines. New lashes, lenses and tools
Not really part of the haul, but I wanted to show you the awesome swag bag from 109's Halloween Night!
Stationary and house items, I really wanted to get a bunch of cute pens like I see stationary enthustiats getting but I stopped myself
My Little Pony goods are from the pop up MLP cafe which I will write up soon!
Small items and accessories! The wrapping on my Katie wallet is to nice to remove...
Nerdy things, gachapon and UFO catcher items. The Rilakkuma is so cute, it's a phone speaker and it dances to the music :O
Bags and pouches
l to r: Fallin's long cardi, Peach John bras, EATME onepiece
l to r: one*spo oversize knit, Swankiss off shoulder top, Titty&co suede skirt
l to r: Honey mi honey collar top, lilLilly knit top, Honeycinnamon ruffle top, Katie x Petite Meller tshirt
l to r: Envym MA-1 jacket, verybrain mohair cardigan, Bubbles lace top
I made these collages so you can see the clothes I bought more easily.
I realize now I didn't add the grey hat and lilLilly wide pants to my photos..

I also ordered some clothing online while I was in Japan, some of it arrived already but I have one more package coming so once that gets here I'll make another post of my webshop haul haha. Even now I miss shopping in Tokyo, I wanna see the stores, the pop up shops and I wanna go to all the theme cafes :D
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